Alexander (アレクサンダー Arekusandā) is a Gamma that has been stuck inside a Gamma Eyecon state, and is one of the villains in the film Kamen Rider 1. It contains a soul of Alexander the Great. The Eyecon was originally under possession of Dark Mind, and given to Ambassador Hell of Shocker, prior his death at the hands of Kamen Rider 1 and unable to use that power earlier. Soon, the Eyecon possessing a granddaughter of the late-Tobei Tachibana, Mayu. Alexander's presence for currently residing in Mayu's body causing a civil war between a revived Ambassador Hell's Shocker faction, and a newly organized Nova Shocker, this leads the Kamen Riders 1, Ghost and Specter protects Mayu while trying to get the Eyecon off her. As the Ambassador Hell's Shocker manage to capture Mayu and frees the Alexander Eyecon, it somehow falls into the hands of Nova Shocker's Wolga, transforming him into Wolga Alexander (ウルガアレクサンダー Uruga Arekusandā). Unfortunately for Wolga, Alexander's power is too powerful to control, as the Alexander himself completely possesses Wolga's body and kills one of his two loyal henchmen, Eagla, especially now in-charge of Nova Shocker. Wolga Alexander is soon weakened by Ghost and Specter's Double Rider Kick and then finished off by Rider 1's Rider Kick. Although the Ambassador Hell soon get the Eyecon, he crushed it instead, noting that he would refuse a greater power if it only cost his own sanity.

Sometime after the movie, the Alexander Eyecon was recreated and used by Dark Mind to become Gamma Ultima Alexander, as well as reviving Wolga and Buffal before all of them are destroyed by Ghost Ichigou Damashii.

Alexander is voiced by Shōzō Iizuka (飯塚 昭三 Iizuka Shōzō).

Series:  Kamen Rider Ghost