Fumi Fukushima

Fumi Fukushima

Fumi Fukushima (福嶋 フミ Fukushima Fumi) is an old woman who is the first owner of Fūmin. She has known Takeru, Akari, and the Fukami siblings since they were children. She also treats Alain to takoyaki, which becomes his favorite food. She also gives him a brand new human outfit to wear. He later returns to draw something for her as a sign of his gratitude, only to discover that she has peacefully died in her sleep. Her funeral is held at Daitenkū-ji and her granddaughter Harumi visits to pay her respects and thank everyone who visited her shop. She is last seen by Alain as a spirit.

Fumi Fukushima is portrayed by Hisako Ohkata (大方 斐紗子 Ōkata Hisako). As a child, Fumi is portrayed Momone Shinokawa (篠川 桃音 Shinokawa Momone).

Series:  Kamen Rider Ghost