Actor:Hiroshi Yamamoto
Igor is a scientist from the Gamma World whose thoughts are always scientific and never emotional. After Edith's own creation, which involves transferring the Gamma World residence to Eyecon bodies proved to be a failure, Adel and Igor suggested the invasion of the human world to claim the human's lives and use it to compensate for the machine's weakness. After Edith betrayed the Gamma forces, Igor is promoted to the former magistrate's position and express his happiness when Adel addresses him with such rank. Due to his soulless non-sense of his sight on seeing humans as inferior being, Igor is often being slapped many times by his arch-enemy, Akari (and shortly Alia) as a running gag. By the time Adel used himself as a backup plan to initiate Demia completely, Igor's soon becomes horrified when his face turned into Adel's, due to the Demia's effects controlled by Adel, thus being fully mind controlled by him. He is soon freed from Demia's effect by Akari with two times slaps, thus owing her debt in heart by sacrificing his Eyecon body on protecting her and Onari from one of the mind controlled Gammas. After the final battle, Igor is reawakened in his real human body from the stasis capsule.

He possesses a special Gamma Eyecon that allows him to transform into a Gamma Superior Perfect form, as well as the black-colored Proto-Mega Ulorder to assume the forms of Gamma Combatants via Gamma Change.

Series:  Kamen Rider Ghost