Javel (ジャベル Jaberu) is a Gamma Superior sent by Adonis to support Alain in his mission to collect the 15 heroic Eyecons, though his loyalty is to Adel as he deems some of Alain's commands to be foolish. As a Gamma Superior, he moves at high speed and his combat ability is on par with the Kamen Riders, but he is able to use his body to his advantage in ways they cannot. He can also unleash waves of energy from his palms. Javel has been destroyed twice, once (as a Gamma Superior) by Ghost Toucon Boost Damashii and once (after merging himself with a Gundari) by Specter Houdini Damashii but somehow finds a way to return each time through Igor's technology to bring Gammas back. After Adel's inheritance of Adonis' throne, Javel wakes up in his mortal body and is given the task to execute Alain long with an Eyecon to assume a Gamma Ultima. During his battle with Ghost Grateful Damashii, Javel is briefly possessed by Gammiser Fire and assumed a Gamma Ultima Fire form before being defeated. After learning from Igor that he is no longer needed, Javel has become rogue and later makes a final attempt to kill his enemies at Daitenkū-ji, but he discovers he is dying of starvation after having been reverted to his mortal body for the first time in years. Onari gives Javel some onigiri to save his life while helping him realize the error of his ways. Javel later repays this kindness by saving Onari, the Art Supplies Gamma, and the Music Note Gamma from Igor's attack. Yet, he still proceeds attacking Alain in his main mission, until he is defeated by him, and realize why Alain is changed softly. He is later encouraged by Onari to learn about the environment of the human world, instead of continuing his mission killing Alain, as Onari told Javel there are many onigiris sold in Japan. If Javel is having a trouble learning the human world's environment, Onari is the man he can call for help. When a backup plan of Demia Project is activated and controlled by Adel himself, Javel investigate the Demia's horrifying effects on turning people's face and personality into Adel's. He sacrifices his life saving Alain from having his souls erased by the Great Eyeser, proud of his master for having a newfound friends, until Ghost manages to destroy the Great Eyeser for good and revives Javel, along with the other victims including the Art Supplies Gamma and the second Music Note Gamma. He is currently decide to stay in Daitenkū-ji with Edith, instead of returning to their homeworld.

Javel is portrayed by Sotaro (聡太郎 Sōtarō).

Series:  Kamen Rider Ghost