Kanon Fukami

Kanon Fukami

Kanon Fukami (深海 カノン Fukami Kanon)[i] is Makoto's younger sister who was trapped with him in the Gamma's dimension for the past 10 years after being absorbed into a monolith. While Makoto made it back to Earth in one piece, Kanon's body has been trapped on the other side, while her soul is retained by Makoto in a Gamma Eyecon called the "Little Sister Eyecon" (妹眼魂 Imōto Aikon). While Kanon wishes to return to normal, she is appalled at how her brother has stooped so low as to fight their own childhood friend Takeru for her sake. After her Eyecon is stolen from Makoto by the Green Dragon Blade Gamma, and Makoto is forced into doing Saionji's bidding for her safe return, Takeru promises to help Makoto to save her. Takeru ultimately uses his wish to bring Kanon back to normal, reuniting brother and sister once more. After discovering that Alain has brainwashed Makoto into becoming Necrom Specter to kill Takeru, she discovers she can break Alain's spell and return her brother to normal, albeit temporarily. Most occasionally, she is somehow have a power to kill a Gamma foot soldiers with a single blow. When Art Supplies Gamma wishes to learn more about the human world's environment, Kanon suggest him to travel around the world. After she is done helping Harumi, Kanon alerted her brother that she saw someone like him wearing a Gamma royal uniform, who revealed to be a doppelgänger created by Gammisers. She was temporarily possessed by the Billy the Kid Eyecon.

Kanon Fukami is portrayed by Mio Kudo (工藤 美桜 Kudō Mio). As a child, the character is portrayed by Yui Segizawa (堰沢 結衣 Segizawa Yui).

Series:  Kamen Rider Ghost