Onari Yamanouchi

Onari Yamanouchi

Onari Yamanouchi (山ノ内 御成 Yamanouchi Onari) is a 26-year-old Buddhist monk who is the current caretaker of Daitenkū-ji, as Takeru is still too young to handle the role himself. While both he and Akari witness Takeru's death and resurrection, Onari is more open to believing in the supernatural, much to Akari's chagrin. Onari lacks Akari's calm nature, and often expresses his frustrations. He is not spiritually aware enough to see Gamma, nor has he ever had an Eyecon to see them either, but the Shiranui spray and the Kumo Lantern allow him to see spirits like Ghost and the Gammas. He was temporarily possessed by the Goemon Eyecon. During the group's encounter with Gamma-related cases and the Kamen Riders' battles, Onari developed an inferiority complex and believed himself as a nuisance, wanting to try his best to support Takeru and everyone. Prior to the activation of Demia Project, Onari was reduced to a Gamma Eyecon by Igor as part of turning residents of human world into Gamma-alike. Although Takeru had rescued the victims, Onari refused to return to his old body, wanting to use his newfound Gamma powers by first possessing Alain, but only to be forced back to his body by Igor.

Onari Yamanouchi is portrayed by Takayuki Yanagi (柳 喬之 Yanagi Takayuki).[7]

Series:  Kamen Rider Ghost