Steve Bills

Steve Bills

Steve Bills (スティーブ・ビルズ Sutību Biruzu) is the CEO of the network company Deep Connect (ディープコネクト Dīpu Konekuto). He is under Igor's control after being possessed by a Gamma Eyecon. As part of Adel's version of the Demia Project, Steve bought the companies of his rivals and expanded his influence, as well as hide the Gammas' plan under a branch of communication network he created. During the Daitenkū-ji's infiltration into Deep Connect, both him and Igor managed to stage a Gamma attack in order to cease their suspicions of him. Only by that time after Adel awaken in his mortal body, Takeru and his friends finally finds out this suspicion, but already too late to stop it. Until that time, Onari, Shibuya, Narita and Necrom manage to save Steve from the Gamma's control on his body, with Steve is willingly to take responsibility for what Adel and Igor made him commit. While trying to help the Kamen Riders to warn their people the truth behind the Demia, it was too late for Steve and his allies that the effects cannot be removed, and even Steve himself, due to his time when he was possessed by a Gamma Eyecon before Necrom freed him, already had the Demia effects into him, but soon be freed, once Adel redeemed himself and died along with the true mastermind, Gammisers are killed by Ghost for good.

Steve Bills is portrayed by Thane Camus (セイン・カミュ Sein Kamyu).

Series:  Kamen Rider Ghost