Kamen Rider 555

  • Episodes

    • 1: A Trip's Beginning (01/26/03)

      Yuji Kiba leads a peaceful life until a truck hits his car, killing his parents and himself. Two years later, he awakens to find his life in ruins — his girlfriend Chie had left him for his cousin, and his house is gone. In rage, Yuji kills his cousin with his newfound powers. Meanwhile, Takumi follows Mari after realizing that they accidentally switched bags. However, the two are attacked by an Orphenoch. Mari attempts to use the Faiz belt to fight, but fails. She pushes Takumi to use it, and he defeats the Orphenoch.

    • 2: The Belt's Power (02/02/03)

      Mari and Takumi continue to reluctantly travel together to Tokyo. Kiba still has not come to terms with what has happened to him. He tries to kill himself but finds he can't. He meets up with his old girlfriend thinking they can start over. She turns on him when the police arrive to talk to her about his cousin's death. He later kills her.

    • 3: King's Sleep... (02/09/03)
    • 4: My Name (02/16/03)
    • 5: Original (02/23/03)
    • 6: Trio × Trio (03/02/03)
    • 7: The Power of Dreams (03/09/03)
    • 8: The Protector of Dreams (03/16/03)
    • 9: Enter, the President (03/23/03)
    • 10: The Enigmatic Rider (03/30/03)

      At the beginning of this episode, Takumi no longer has the Faiz gear. It was surrendered to the Chief of Smart Brain in the previous episode. He appears to be a bit depressed and takes off on his own for a bit. In the meantime, we learn that the Chief has made Kaido the new Faiz and learn that the Chief's philosophy regarding Orphenochs is if they don't attack humans or if they defend them then they are worthless and are to be eliminated.

      Kiba still considers himself human and doesn't want to attack humans. Kaido calls him out to fight him but hesitates during the fight. Kiba, in Orphenoch form, disarms Kaido bringing the fight to an end. Yuka and Keitaro find him. While Kaido insults Yuka Keitaro realizes the new Faiz is not an ally of justice and takes back the belt. As he runs away with it he is confronted by an Orphenoch. Takumi arrives to save the day. We see a new rider watching from afar.

    • 11: The Enigmatic Belt (04/06/03)

      Takumi is beginning to think that maybe he was meant to be Faiz.

      We meet members of Lucky Clover for the first time. Chief Murakami ask Mr. J, a member of Lucky Clover, to take back the Faiz belt and get rid of Takumi. Murakami arranges for Takumi and Mari to be at the same amusement part that Keitaro has taken Yuka to. Takumi has a hard time fighting Mr. J in Orphenoch form. The new rider makes a brief appearance and fires on Mr. J at the end.

      First appearance of Kamen Rider Kaixa.

    • 12: Ryusei School (04/13/03)

      Takumi and the main girl were able to meet with her friends and teacher from Ryusei School. They discussed that whomever uses the Kaixa Gear will die. They were then attack by an Orphenoch known as Mr. J. One of the students transformed into Kaixa, just to get the stuffing beat out of him and die. Just then, Takumi as Faiz, saves the day. But this is a hollow victory as the group of students lost their teacher before he had a chance to tell them what happened on the day of the reunion.

    • 13: Friend of Foe? (04/20/03)

      Mari, Takumi, and Keitaro begin looking for Mari’s schoolmate Masato Kusaka.

      Yuji has decided not to attack humans. Kaido is still trying to figure out what he wants. Yuka is trying to figure out Kaido. Kaido decides to be human and date. He drags Yuka out on a practice date.

      Takumi, Mari, and Keitaro find Masato. As he and Takumi have a fencing battle, Mari’s former schoolmates are attacked by an Orphenoch. They go to rescue them. Masato follows and transforms using the Kaixa belt. He defeats the Orphenochs.

    • 14: Takumi's Spirit (04/27/03)

      Kusaka stayed with Mari-tachi as the remaining Ryuseiji went to search for their other partners to find out about the past. Murakami assigned the Lucky Clover to their tasks. Realizing that he was targeted for not wanting to attack humans, Yuji told Naoya and Yuka to decide for themselves on what they wanted to do from now on.

    • 15: The Fallen Idol ~ f's vs. ? (05/04/03)

      Yuji and Takumi have been knocked unconscious and into the river. Takumi’s Faiz belt was knocked off of him. His friend picks it up. Takumi’s friends find Yuji and Yuji’s friends find Takumi. Each returns to their own friends.

      The attacks of the Lucky Clover continue.

      During a fight with Orphenochs, Takumi realizes that Osada is one of them. Masato transforms into Kaixa to fight Osaka who is in Orphenoch form. To everyone’ssurprise, Takumi protects the Orphenoch.

    • 16: Human Heart (05/11/03)

      Masato seems to be trying to sow discord between Takumi and his friends. Takumi won't explain why he attacked Masato and defended the Orphenoch. Masato lets Takumi know that he is trying to replace him with Mari and Keitaro. According to him, people who don't like him are in his way.

    • 17: Takumi, Revival (05/18/03)

      Kusaka and Takumi begin by squaring off again. Kusaka thinks Takumi's days as Faiz are numbered. Mari and Keitaro can't understand what is going on with Takumi. Kusaka take advantage of this to make himself look good and to try to get rid of Takumi.

      Yuji's dead girlfriend's older brother contacts him to get him to help find her killer. He gets turned into an Orphenoch and attacks anyone who seems to be speaking bad about her.

      Yuji realizes that the older brother has become an Orphenoch and as lost his soul as a human but he can do nothing about him. Takumi fights him.

      Takumi realizes he had lost his way and strayed from his path. Not all Orphenochs want to live as humans and they must be dealt with.

      As this episode ends, Kusaka finds out there is a third belt.

    • 18: Narrow Escape from Death (05/25/03)

      Kusaka went off with his old classmate as they went to find out more about the third belt. Smart Brain continues on their attempts to recover Faiz and Kaixa. Meanwhile, a girl had been followed by an Orphenoch. As glum mood surrounds the Kiba household, Yuji wondered about the identity of the Faiz user...

    • 19: Pure White Justice (06/01/03)
    • 20: The Beautiful Assassin (06/08/03)

      Two of the members of Smart Brain are ordered to get the Faiz Gear back and kill all traitors. Saeko of Lucky Clover meets another Orphenoch that wants to take Mr. J's spot. Takumi faces off against one of the members while Yuji Kiba faces the other one. Both fights end up the same: defeat, but Takumi's is much worse because the Orphenoch that he lost to took his Faiz Gear and transformed into Faiz to kill Takumi and finish his job.

    • 21: Accelerating Spirits (06/22/03)

      Takumi and Yuji were blasted away into the river because of the new Faiz. The new Faiz also gloats to the female member of the Lucky Clover that he will take back the Kaixa Gear as well. Kaixa returns to fight the new Faiz and take back the belt. But Takumi gets the belt again with a new gadget that lets him change into Axel Form. Using this form, he defeats the Centipede Orphenoch.

    • 22: Masato's Confession (06/29/03)

      The story begins with Kiba and Takumi fighting each other. Kiba is in Orphenoch form and Takumi is in Faiz form. Neither know that the other can transform.

      Masato comes back from his trip. He doesn't say much about it other than that the others from Ryuseiji Tutor are fighting. He continues to push Takumi's buttons. He lets Mari know that he likes her.

      Murakami suggests training a new member for Lucky Clover to replace Mr. J.

      Masato overhears Mari questioning her feelings for Kiba. This upsets Masato. Kiba and Osada ask Mari to consider going out with Kaido.

      Yuji and Masato are attacked by Orphenochs. Masato puts on his belt, causing Yuji to realize he is a rider. Murakami and another Orphenoch confront Takumi and Mari, demanding the Faiz belt.

    • 23: False Friendship (07/06/03)

      Having accidentally found out about Yuji, Kusaka announced a truce as they fought Saeko and another Orphenoch that had come to kill them. Realizing the fact Yuji did not know of Faiz's true identity, Kusaka hitched a plan to use that against Yuji as he learned about Lucky Clover.

    • 24: The Door to Darkness (07/13/03)

      Takumi joined into the fight as he witnessed Kusaka fighting two Orphenochs as Murakami arrived to stop them. Kusaka revealed his intention to wanting to join Lucky Clover. Yuji wondered what Kusaka really is. An enemy orally? Kaido made another decision as he was rejected by Mari.

    • 25: The Dark Laboratory (06/20/03)

      Smart Brain recovered Faiz and Kaixa as Kusaka was captured. Mari-tachi sneaked into Smart Brain to save him. While escaping from Takuma, both of them discovered the entrance to the underground Ryuseiji school. Over there they stumble into a startling discovery.

    • 26: Enter, Delta (06/27/03)

      Murakami was disappointed about the loss of the belts as he look for another Lucky Clover candidate. Kusaka reminded Takumi to kept quiet about what they saw at the school as they met the Ryuseiji later. On the other hand, the remaining Ryuseiji fought over who should keep the Delta Belt. A girl appeared at Kikuchi as she offered to work part-time. Delta appeared.

    • 27: Ryusei School Breaks Up (08/03/03)

      Members of the Ryuseiji Tutor are trying to find the Delta belt and are arguing over it at the same time. Itsuro of Lucky Clover continues to try to kill Yuji Kiba. As they are fighting, they run into Keitaro and Kimura. Keitaro encourages Kimura to run and soon Delta appears on the scene.

      Everyone thinks that Sawada has the Delta belt.

      Kyosuke and Arai kidnap Mari to lure Sawada out. Sawada continues his murderous rampage as an Orphenoch. Sawada kills Kyosuke and Arai as Takumi and Masato arrive on the scene to save Mari. Delta arrives on the scene.

    • 28: Dark Clover (08/10/03)

      Faiz and Kaixa are fighting Sawada with little success. Before Delta can join in, Mari intervenes and Sawada escapes. Everyone is still trying to figure out who has the Delta belt. They are beginning to suspect that maybe Saya has it. The belt was originally sent to her.

      Mari and Masato try to arrange a meeting with Sawada. In the meantime, Takuma meets up with Kitazaki. Anyone who Kitazaki touches dissolves. Three crooks found that out when they tried to steal from Kitazaki.

      Sawada eventually meets Masato and Mari. He tells Mari that he has always liked her. By killing her he can completely throw away his humanity and grow stronger as an Orphenoch. He and Masato transform and fight. Takumi arrives to fight Sawada as does Saya. Sawada kills Saya and gets the Delta belt. He is made a part of Lucky Clover.

    • 29: Excellent Bike (08/17/03)

      Kitazaki now has the Delta gear. Masato vows to get it back.

      Kitazaki proposes a bet with the other members of Lucky Clover. See who can kill Kiba Yuji first. The winner gets to slap everyone on the arm. This strikes terror in Takuma who is scared of Kitazaki.

      Sawada goes after Yuji and knocks out Kaido and Osada. Takuma arrives and joins in the battle. Yuji manages to get away and is found by Kageyama. As Takumi goes to deliver Yuji's laundry he comes upon the fight and transforms. He immediately attacks Yuji, who is still in Orphenoch form. As they are fighting Kitazaki arrives on Delta's motorcycle. Both get knocked around by Kitazaki and transform back to normal. Yuji realizes that Takumi is Faiz and Takumi realizes that Yuji is an Orphenoch.

    • 30: Masato's Trap (08/24/03)

      The battle between Yuji, Takumi, and Kitazaki continues. Itsuro Takuma interferes. This allows Takumi and Yuji to escape.

      Masato meets up with Sawada and tries to convince him to get the Delta gear for him. Sawada refuses and they fight. When Sawada is kicked over the balcony he retreats from the fight. Mari talks to Kiba and Osada talks to Takumi Both begin to realize they are on the same side. They fight together to save a woman from another Orphenoch. Masato over hears their conversation and sees them fight the other Orphenoch together. He doesn't like this change. He meets up with Yuji and convinces him he only attacked him to get into Smart Brain so he could destroy it from the inside. He lies to Yuji and tells him Takumi is the one who can't be trusted. He tells him that Takumi is only fighting as Faiz to test his own power.

      Masato knocks out Takumi and steals his belt. He transforms into Faiz and attacks Yuji to make Yuji hate Takumi again and not trust him. He then lies to Takumi telling him that Yuji attacked Takumi and stole the belt. The story ends with Kitazaki transforming into Delta and attacking Masato and Takumi.

    • 31: Origami Tears (08/31/03)

      Masato continues to sow the seeds of distrust between Yuji and Takumi. Takumi fights Sawada but hesitates to finish him off. Sawada takes advantage of this and fights him off.

      Sawada is still battling his humanity. He agrees to meet up with Mari. When Mari goes to meet Sawada she is attached by another Orphenoch. Sawada saves her. Masato arrives to fight Sawada.

    • 32: Intertwined Threads (09/07/03)

      As Masato is about to deliver the rider kick, Mari intervenes. Takumi gets there just in time to save her by blocking the kick with his bike.

      Takuma tries to steal the Delta gear from Kitazaki.

      Mari arranges to meet with Sawada again. But before she does Takumi meets him. Sawada tells Takumi that Mari is the only one who can help him become human again. When Mari arrives she is attached by Saeko's Orphenoch assassin again. As Takumi battles him he encourages Sawada to take Mari to safety. After saving her again Sawada punches her hard enough to send her flying into a building. She is hospitalized.

      Kaido and Keitaro manage to save a child from a fire.

      Masato makes Yuji believe that it was Takumi that injured Mari.

    • 33: Mari Dies (09/14/03)

      Masato continues to blame Takumi for Mari's injuries. He believes Takumi's soft attitude about Orphenochs lead to Mari being injured.

      Takumi and Yuji decide to meet up again to fight. This time they fight until both are exhausted. Kitazaki tries to join in the fight as Delta but both Yuji and Takumi make it clear that this is a fight between the two of them. Kitazaki decides to fight the winner.

      Kitazaki is losing interest in the Delta gear. After telling Takuma that he threw the belt away, he gives it to Sawada. Takumi decides he no longer has the right to be Faiz and gives the Faiz belt to Keitaro. Both the Delta belt and the Faiz belt both end up being given to Masato.

      Yuji finds out that Takumi is not the one that injured Mari.

    • 34: True Form (09/21/03)

      Takumi wants to revive Mari and Kusaka knows that the only chance she has lies with Smart Brain. Kusaka wants to give away the three belts for her life, but decides that his mission to destroy Smart Brain is more important than Mari. Takumi goes to the chief of Smart Brain and asks to revive Mari. He says that he'll only do it if he becomes a member of Lucky Clover by killing Sawada. But he says that it's impossible because he is not an Orphenoch. Meanwhile, Kusaka manages to get the most scared student of the Ryusei Tutoring School to fight as Kamen Rider Delta and they both try to defeat the Lobster and Spider Orphenoch. Takumi arrives on the scene and, in a dramatic fashion, transforms into the Wolf Orphenoch to kill Sawada.

    • 35: The Resurrection Riddle (09/28/03)

      Since only Lucky Clover members have complete access to Smart Brain, Takumi has decided to defeat Sawada and become a member of Lucky Clover. He transforms into the Wolf Orphenoch to fight him. The others can't believe what they are seeing.

      Masato thinks that Yuji knew about Takumi's true identity. He wants to know what else they are hiding. Yuji seems to think that it is Masato that is hiding something since he is such a liar.

      Takumi signs Mari out of the hospital and brings hereto the Smart Brain hospital for an operation. He calls Keitaro and tells him he is coming home with Mari.

      Orphenochs attack Mihara in order to get the Delta belt from him. As Delta he defeats them.

      Masato, Takumi, Keitaro, and Mari have a picnic. Mari tells the guys about a memory from childhood that she had when she was in the hospital. It was from the Ryusei Reunion. They were attacked by an Orphenoch. Saeko and Takuma show up to get Takumi. Masato and Takumi transform and fight them. Takumi loses his belt and is forced to transform into an Orphenoch when Takuma attacks Mari. She realizes that he is the Orphenoch from her memory.

    • 36: Restored Memories (10/05/03)

      As the story begins, Kaido begins to show an interest in the boy he saved from the fire.

      Everyone is still in shock about Takumi being an Orphenoch. Mari and Keitaro imagine seeing him in familiar places.

      Mari is starting to remember the reunion. She remembers that Kousaka was there even though he insists he wasn't. She and Keitaro get Takumi to come back home. He stays for a little while but leaves again when he realizes that the others are uncomfortable around him. Murakami tracks him down and shows him a video of him in Orphenoch form at the reunion.

      As the story concludes, it seems as though Takumi is going to try to defeat Yuji, who transformed into Faiz to protect Mari and Keitaro, to get the Faiz belt back and join Lucky Clover.

    • 37: Kaixa's Justice (10/12/03)

      Takumi runs from his fight with Yuji. Yuji thinks that Takumi is afraid of being the wolf Orphenoch and is trying to kill himself. The Lucky Clover think that Takumi will completely through away his humanity and become one of them.

      Mari continues to confront Kusaka about the night of the reunion. For some reason here fuses to tell Mari he was at the reunion.

      Takumi calls Yuji who comes to meet him. He meets up with Takumi who is running from the Lucky Clover.

      The program concludes with Yuji interrupting a fight between Takumi in Orphenoch form and Kusaka in Rider form.

    • 38: The Wandering Spirit (10/19/03)

      Saeko continues to pursue Takumi for Lucky Clover. Takumi continues to resist.

      Mari tells Kusaka that she trusts Takumi. Kusaka implies that Mari's memories of the reunion might be true. He tells his friends to be on the lookout for Takumi. As Kusaka's friends are attacked for the Delta belt, Takumi arrives and transforms into Faiz to save them then passes out. As the program concludes, both Takumi and Yuji are fighting members of Lucky Clover.

    • 39: Faiz 2 (10/26/03)
    • 40: Human Proof (11/09/03)
    • 41: Start to Capture (11/16/03)
    • 42: Broken Wings (11/23/03)
    • 43: Red Balloon (11/30/03)
    • 44: Final Mail (12/07/03)
    • 45: King's Awakening (12/14/03)
    • 46: A New President is Born (12/21/03)
    • 47: King's Appearance (12/28/03)
    • 48: Masato, Dying A Glorious Death (01/04/04)
    • 49: A Sign of Destruction (01/11/04)
    • 50: My Dream (01/18/04)
  • Specials

    • Kamen Rider 555: Paradise Lost