• Episodes
    • Escape From Edenoi, Part One
      Episode 1

      On the distant planet Edenoi, our hero Dex and his friends try to escape the evil Count Dregon's plague patrol. Then, Dex's grandfather explains that planet Earth is in danger. So, Dex is transported to Earth and lands at the home of the Stewart family. Can the evil forces loose on Earth be stopped by our hero? Has the battle begun?

    • Escape From Edenoi, Part Two
      Episode 2

      Our hero confronts Destructosphere and is weakened from the battle. Then, he gets help from his grandfather but Count Dregon sends Maggots to Leawood High. Meanwhile, Dex creates the Combat Chopper and Magno to join his team and Ferbus starts a food fight. Can our hero stop Count Dregon?

    • License To Thrill
      Episode 3

      Dex goes to school with the kids and Nefaria has a plan for Count Dregon. Meanwhile, Ferbus stows away in a school bag, and Dex shares some thoughts with his classmates. Then, Count Dregon sends his Maggots to Leawood High. Can our hero stop the enemy's evil plan?

    • Pet Nappers
      Episode 4

      The Stewart family prepare for attack. Then, Count Dregon sends Nefaria to recruit a couple burglars. Now, Ferbus is in danger of being kidnapped. Can our hero protect his friend?

    • Bugs On The Loose
      Episode 5

      Count Dregon plans to turn the Stewart family into insect warriors. Now, Ferbus must find Dex fast before Dregon's evil plan starts to bug the Stewart family. Then, Dex must summon his team. Can our hero save the Stewarts from Dregon's threat?

    • Arcade Ace
      Episode 6

      A video wiz at the Cosmos has Albee bummed. So, Dex faces off with the arcade ace. Then, while Ferbus discovers bananas, Dregon sends a monster to Earth. Can our hero stop Count Dregon's monster?

    • Super Gold, Part One
      Episode 7

      Lexion sends Denais on a mission. Then, he's kidnapped by Maggots. Can our hero rescue his friend?

    • Super Gold, Part Two
      Episode 8

      Last time, Lexion sends Denais to Earth. But, he was kidnapped. Meanwhile, Count Dregon used the power of the crystal to transform Denais. How can our hero battle his own friend?

    • The Grandma Factor
      Episode 9

      Grandma drops by for a visit. Meanwhile, Count Dregon sends his own visitors, who kidnap Grandma. Can our hero save Grandma?

    • Something's Trashy
      Episode 10

      The kids start a clean-up campaign in Leawood and it's just another day at the office for Count Dregon. Then, Nefaria supervises a little cleaning herself. This gives Cyclopter another idea for an evil monster. Can our hero stop the monster?

    • Water Water Everywhere
      Episode 11

      The Stewarts plan a day at the pool and Count Dregon plans a way to defeat the Masked Rider and rule the world. While the kids enjoy the water and Ferbus enjoys the hot dogs, the enemy begins his evil plan. Can our hero stop it?

    • Ferbus' First Christmas
      Episode 12

      The Stewart family prepares for the holidays and Dex is homesick. While Dex helps decorate the tree, Nefaria has an evil plan. Now, our hero must stop this evil plan. Can he save Santa Claus?

    • Stranger From The North
      Episode 13

      A student from another country visits Leawood High. While the young visitor gets a tour, Count Dregon prepares a new threat for our hero. Now, the Masked Rider must battle Dregon's new monster. Can our hero stop his evil plan?

    • Dance Crazy
      Episode 14

      The kids catch dance fever. Meanwhile, Count Dregon plans to defeat the Masked Rider with an all-new Insectivore. While the dancers compete for the big prize, Count Dregon has a big surprise for our hero. Can he stop the enemy's evil threat?

    • The Green-Eyed Monster
      Episode 15

      The kids enjoy a day of dirt bike racing and Ferbus enjoys a few treats. Then, Ferbus is left behind and Dex goes looking for him. But, Count Dregon has a surprise for our hero. Can he defeat Dregon's evil forces?

    • The Heat Is On
      Episode 16

      Al cools off, but Ferbus gets sick. Can our hero cool things off?

    • Know your Neighbour
      Episode 17

      The Stewarts become contestants on a hit TV show. Now, Count Dregon is steamin' mad and Maggots are sent to the studio to stop the show. But, the show must go on. Can our hero stop the Maggots?

    • The Dash
      Episode 18

      Dex is running a little late, and Mr. Chalmers and the Coach discuss the state track championship. Then, "somebody special" flies by. Count Dregon has an evil plan. Is our hero fast enough to stop him?

    • Battle Of The Bands
      Episode 19

      The kids get ready for the big Battle of the Bands competition. Then, a monster is sent to wreak havoc on Leawood. Can the Masked Rider defeat Dregon's Insectivore and make it to the Battle of the Bands in time?

    • Ferbus Maximus
      Episode 20

      After a dubial showdown between Cyclopter and the Masked Rider, Count Dregon considers Nefaria's next evil plan. When Ferbus takes a bite, strange things begin to happen. Can this evil spell on Ferbus be reversed?

    • Unmasked Rider
      Episode 21
    • Ferbus' Day Out
      Episode 22
    • Jobless
      Episode 23
    • Back To Nature
      Episode 24
    • Testing 1, 2, 3
      Episode 25
    • Showdown At Leawood High
      Episode 26
    • Power Out
      Episode 27
    • Saturday Morning Invasion
      Episode 28
    • Passenger Ferbus
      Episode 29
    • Mixed Doubles
      Episode 30
    • Million Dollar Ferbus
      Episode 31
    • Ectophase Albee
      Episode 32
    • Race Against Time
      Episode 33
    • Cat-Atomic
      Episode 34
    • Indigestion
      Episode 35
    • Dex At Bat
      Episode 36
    • The Invasion Of Leawood
      Episode 37
    • The Eye Of Edenoi
      Episode 38
    • Exit Nefaria, Enter Barbaria
      Episode 39
    • Detention
      Episode 40