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  Doctor Keitaro Shido
A scientist targeted by Neo-Shocker who was responsible for Tsukuba becoming Skyrider. To keep a low profile, having hang glided in his youth, Shido founded the Shido Hang Glide Club and last aided SkyRider in disarming a Plus-Alpha Bomb before leaving the country to join the Anti-Neo-Shocker Committee.

  Midori Kano
Shido's aide.

  Yumi Nozaki
A member of the Shido Hang Glide Club.

  Michi Sugimura
A member of the Shido Hang Glide Club.

  Imata Tonda
A photojournalist who is looking for a good story, usually losing consciousness when he is about to stumble into a fight between Skyrider and Neo-Shocker.

Genjiro Tani
An senior of Tsukuba's and a friend of Shido, Tani owns the Blanca Coffee Shop that serves as SkyRider's new base of operations. Having lost his family to Neo-Shocker in the past, Tani is eager to help Tsukuba take the organization down.


  Aki Ozawa

  Naoko Ito

Kanji Yada / GanGan G
Series:  Kamen Rider Skyrider