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Akira Kazuraba - Kamen Rider Gaim

Akira Kazuraba
Akira Kazuraba
Actor: Rika Izumi
Akira Kazuraba is Kouta's older sister. After the death of their parents, she has taken an office job at a Yggdrasill Corporation-affiliated company. She is protective of Kouta learning of his status as an Armored Rider, but she still understands that he has his own desires in life while advising him on how to best use his abilities for the good of others. Unknown to Akira, she is targeted by her own employers to make Kouta give up his transformation belt. However, she is glad to be safe. When she is downsized at work, it forces Kouta to look for a new job. While trying to find Kouta and his alliance to get a young boy she befriended during her time in the shelters, she is caught by Redyue's Inves to be one of the many humans used to revive Roshuo's bride, using her life force to power a machine to ensure her revival. Rat and Rica try their best to free them, but Kaito, Zack, and Yoko's arrival later finally frees Akira and the others from Redyue's grasps. She does her best to support her brother during the final battles in Zawame, but watches in horror as he eats one of the Helheim fruits, to no negative effect. When the JSDF comes to evacuate the remaining civilians, Akira goes with them, tearfully saying goodbye to her brother as he plans on staying in Zawame to face off against Kaito once and for all. Seven months after the Earth is saved and her younger brother's disappearance, Akira has a discussion with Takatora concerning relationships with younger brothers, until their talk is interrupted by the attack of Armored Rider Jam and the Locust Monster.
Series:  Kamen Rider Gaim