Smart Brain

Smart Brain
A corporation that is a facade for the largest coordinated group of Orphnoch that view themselves as the master race and are devoted to the genocide of the human race and increase of the Orphnoch population. They experiment in making their race even more powerful and developing weapons that only Orphnoch can use. In the movie Paradise Lost, which is an alternate reality, they seem to have formed a global de facto government after the Orphnoch revolution.

Paradise Lost Movie

Paradise Lost Movie
Smart Brain Lady Employee / Butterfly Orphnoch
Destroyed by Kaixa's Grand Impact.
A Woman in a Couple / Giraffe Orphnoch
Destroyed by Kaixa's Xeno Clash.

Masato (Kaixa)

Name: Masato Kusaka
Designation: Kamen Rider Kaixa
Weapons: Kaxia Shot, Kaixa Blaygun
Gear: Kaxia Driver, Kaixa Shot
Mecha: Side Basshar


Renegades are Orphnoch that aren't associated with Smart Brain, and each follow their own agenda. Most Renegades wish to continue with their average human lives, thus they are branded as traitors that merit death. Some use their new found powers to kill people who have wronged them in either in their real life or in an imaginary manner, while others battle to safeguard humanity.


Designation: Riotrooper
Weapons: Axelray Gun, Gyro Attacker
Gear: Smart Buckle

Shuji (Delta)

Name: Shuji Mihara
Designation: Kamen Rider Delta
Gear: Delta Gear, Delta Driver, Delta Phone
Mecha: Jet Sliger