Tattooed Teenage Alien Fighters From Beverly Hills
1994 | 41 Episodes
Four teens selected by alien Nimbar to fight Emperor Gorganus;; aliens becoming Galactic Sentinels. For a final resort, the sentinels become Knighttron. Gorganus wants to conquer Earth because it is the focal point for a network of Power Portals that would facilitate conquest of the galaxy.
Superhuman Samurai Syber-Squad
1994 - 1995 | 53 Episodes
Sam and his friends save the world by entering cyberspace an fighting the forces of the evil Kilokahn who manipulates a young loner named Malcolm.
Kamen Rider Dragon Knight
2008 - 2009 | 40 Episodes
Xaviax is an alien conqueror who has taken over our Ventara, the world behind our mirrors. He wants to take Earthlings to his planet for slave labor. Xaviax has taken the Advent decks from the twelve protectors of Ventara, the Kamen Riders and given them to corrupt young men here on Earth. It is up to Len and Kit to stop Xaviax at all costs and sort out the mess.