The organization's name is short for the Sacred Hegemony Of Cycle Kindred Evolutional Realm. Shocker was a terrorist organization wanted to rule the world and patricianly all of its members were modified in some way. The founders had mostly Nazi ties and Shocker's scientists performed surgical alterations that gave the subject superhuman fighting abilities. The most powerful of their forces were the kaijin, modified humans who were combined with animal DNA and cybernetics. Ruthless and merciless, Shocker often kidnapped prominent scientists and force them to work for the organization, then kill them when their usefulness was at an end. However, on one occasion, the decision to kidnap and modify the young college prodigy Takeshi Hongo proved to be their undoing. Modifying him into a grasshopper-human hybrid, but escaped and opposed them as Kamen Rider 1. He along with Kamen Rider 2 managed to put an end to Shocker with what remained of the group forming into Gel-Shocker.

Great Leader of Shocker
The mysterious leader usually sent their orders from the Monsters and relieves officials with a large voice in the base. The Phantom is the first identity, his body is covered with a red cloak. His face is later revealed to be a cyclops covered with thousands of snakes. He can released poison gas out of the body. Raided the headquarters is the final battle with the riders. He self-destructed in a failed attempt to destroy Kamen Riders 1 & 2.

Colonel Zol / Werewolf
From Shocker's German branch, his true form is a wolf monster. He eventually confronted Kamen Rider 2 himself and after a lengthy fight is toppled off a cliff by Kamen Rider 2's Rider Punch, destroying him. Appears in Episodes 26-39.

Doctor Shinigami / Ikadevil
From Shocker's branch in Switzerland, he takes over after Zol's death until Hell takes command. Discarding his cape when he faces Hongo for the last time, Shinigami assumes the form of Ikadevil to fight Rider 1 with his tentacle whip with Ichimonji held off by the Shocker Soldiers. With Tobei's guidance, Rider 1 manages to overpower Ikadevil and weaken him with a Rider Chop before sending IkaDevil falling to his death with his Rider Tailspin Shoot. Ikadevil tries to rise once more, only to fall down and explode. Appears in Episodes 40-68.

Ambassador Hell / Garagaranda
Summoned from Shocker's branch in West Coast USA, he takes command of the organization. He uses a whip as his weapon. Capturing the Riders' friends, he calls Hongo out as he assumes his monster form, able to burrow underground and use his whip arm as a weapon. Rider 1 battles Garagaranda while Ichimonji frees Miyu and the others, managing to use his Rider Kick on the monster. Reverting to his normal mode, Hell curses the Riders and screams to Shocker's perseverance before he dies, exploding, after which the Great Leader scatters their group asunder. Appears in episodes 53-79.

Shocker Combatants
Shocker Soldiers
Black uniformed grunts, some which have skeleton markings on their torsos. They are normally easily defeated by the Riders, often without even needing to transform.
Series:  Kamen Rider