Kamen Rider 1 / Takeshi Hongo
Takeshi was made into a Kamen Rider by Shocker but he chose to fight against them. He and Hayato created V3.
Kamen Rider 2 / Hayato Ichimonji
Hayato was also made into a superhuman, he decided to fight the Shocker as well. He later fought alongside Takeshi. He and Takeshi created V3.
Tobei Tachibana
Shirou's mentor and advisor. This character appeared in the original Kamen Rider series and also appeared in later Kamen Rider series.
Junko Tama
A young woman who has a crush on Shirou. Shirou is aware of her crush, but refuses to let her get close to him, to protect her, because he lives such a dangerous life. Despite this, she assists Shiro, often watching the communications station, and eventually becomes a close friend to Shirou. She often enters into dangerous situations, requiring V3 to rescue her.
Shigeru Tama
Junko's kid brother and a member of the Boys' Kamen Rider Squad. He sometimes acts as Shiro's liaison with the Shonen Rider Scouts.
The Boys' Kamen Rider Squad
Also known as The Kamen Rider Scouts. They are young boys who assist Kamen Rider V3. They have members throughout Japan. They wear medallions which are shaped like the head of Kamen Rider V3. The medallions contain radios which allows them to report suspicious activity to Kamen Rider headquarters.
Ken Sakuma
A Destron Hunter, from Interpol, who helps V3 for a few episodes. He is Destron Hunter no. 5, and is the last surviving Destron hunter.
Series:  Kamen Rider V3