GiGi Armlet
It s a mysterious O-Part of the Incas that was created 120 years ago as one of two keys that would allow the user of the two to rule the world with Incan super science. The GiGi Armlet serves as Amazon's power source along with being the only thing keeping him alive. Grafted unto his left arm, Daisuke is originally unaware of the Armlet's true power until he found the Quipu that revealed it.
Condorer is is Amazon's belt. While not the means of Amazon's transformation like Riders before and after, it has other uses such as a grappling hook.
Jungler is Amazon's motorcycle, built by Tobei Tachibana based on design specs provided by Kosaka from his journey into the Amazon. The Jungler is much more vibrant and exotic than Tobei's previous creations, featuring "wings" on the back and a "mouth" and "eyes" on the front.
Series:  Kamen Rider Amazon