Garanda's Beast Men
Hachi Beastman
A Bee monster who can shoot needles from his mouth, causing his victims to turn into burning piles of goo. He can also shoot his abdomen. He captures children to make into a Garanda youth corp called the Hachi Children. However, Amazon uses his Big Slice to cause the Beastman's brains to splatter out while praising Granada in his dying breath as Amazon uses the Hachi Beastman's abdomen to cure his victims.
Episode 15
Gengoro Beastman
An arsonist Beastman able to assume the form of an Amazon peddler, able to create diving beetle extensions of himself. After targeting Ritsuko so her blood can serve as a means of nourishment, Gengoro execute Garanda's Tokyo Sea of Fire Operation by blowing up a fireworks factory and a gas station to incinerate the city so Garanda can built their capital from its ashes. Though Amazon defeats him and he escapes with his life, Gengoro weasels his way out of being executed by suggesting kidnapping Ritsuko to regain his full strength with her blood so he can finish the job at an oil plant. However, Amazon stops Gengoro and mortally wounds him with a Big Slice to the forehead. Bleeding to death, Gengoro sends his extension back to Garanda's base before he subcumbs to his injuries. However, the extension is destroyed by Zero.
Episode 16 and Movie
Gama Beastman
A horned toad Beastman with a removable head who uses his tongue as a weapon and emits a flesh-eating mist from his horns. He is in charge of the Tokyo Fry Pan Operation, a scheme to turn Mt. Fuji into volcano by transferring magma from Mt. Mihara with forced labor and thus cause the ground under the city of Tokyo to burn. However, the kidnapping of the labor force gets Amazon's attention. With Mogura taking him to Gama's location, Amazon manages to stop Gama's plan and counters him with the Spin Kick before cutting the Beastman into four pieces with his Big Slice attack.
Episode 17
Hanmyou Beastman
A tiger beetle Beastman who shoots his mandibles as projectiles. He creates the Zero Device to carry out Garanda's earthquake plan to devastate Tokyo. Though he sets up a trap for Amazon to burry him alive 1,000 meters underground, Hanmyou's trap fails as the Zero Device is destroyed and the Beastman meets his end when hit by the Big Slice to the head and then cut in two.
Episode 18
Fukurou Beastman
An owl Beastman who uses his feathers and talons to induce blindness. Summoned by Garanda's leader, Fukurou starts up the Garanda Youth Corps by blinding children and hypnotize them with special contact lenses to have them dig up a series of tunnels in the subway to cause the entire city of Tokyo to sink. However, Amazon foils the plan and overcomes his momentary blindness before decapitating Fukurou with his Big Slice to break his hold over the children.
Episode 19
Kinoko Beastman
A mushroom beastman uses his acidic mold on people in Garanda's Tokyo Mold Destruction Operation. However, only an infant survived Kinoko's attack and the Beastman targeted the child to find out why before Amazon drives him off. After Mogura dies getting the mold sample for an antidote to be made after learning the mold is powerfuless against the common cold, Kinoko meets his end when his plan to cover Tokyo in mold is foiled as a vengeful Amazon chopped half-way into the Beastman's skull with his Big Slice.
Episode 20
Soginchaku Beastman
A vampiric sea anemone Beastman with regenerative abilities who sucks human blood and replaces it with his own, turning his human victims into vampiric cannibals as part of Garanda's Cannibal Human Operation. After setting up a trap to freeze him, Soghinchaku tries to eat him only to learn Amazon did on purpose to infiltrate his hideout. In the battle to follow, Amazon chops off the Beastman's arms followed by a kick before he could regenerate with his victims restore to their former selves.
Episode 21
Momonga Beastman
A flying squirrel Beastman who uses a flesh-melting mist on his human victims. Summoned by Zero, Momonga gains an Inca poison has pellet that he uses on the occupants of Okuyama village as a test while. However, a mix up of the Inca doll holding the poison with an identical one results with Momonga going after the doll. Bu with Amazon's interference, Momonga decides to bomb the house the doll is in to let loose the poison gas on the city as part of Garanda's. Tokyo Great Murder Operation. However, Amazon destroys Momonga with Amazon Kick before burying the capsule holding the Incan poison.
Episode 22
Sanshouo Beastman
A shape-shifting salamander Beastman with regenerative powers. Targeting the Okamura siblings in a plan to hold Amazon off for Garanda's Helium Bomb Operation to be completed, Sanshouo assumes Amazon's form to take them from Tobei. Though, Sanshouo becomes Imitation Amazon to fight Amazon before forced into his true form. Losing his right arm and tail for good, Sanshouo escapes and allows Zero to kill him, undoing his scale-inducing poison on the Okamura siblings.
Episode 23
Imitation Amazon
Episode 23
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