Garanda Empire
The Garanda Empire makes its appearance prior to Gorgos's death, taking the Gaga Bracelet for their own use as they go on a campaign of terrorist attacks on Tokyo to make it into their seat of power before going after the rest of the world. Led by the mysterious "Ruler" and stationed underground in trap-filled base, the Garanda Empire also uses Beastmen as their kaijin..
Ruler (Real Great Emperor Zero) / Shihaisha
The true leader of Garanda and Geddon, wearing silvery white robes that hide his true nature. He makes himself known to Amazon when he destroys the Helium Bomb's detonation system, unmasked as he fights Amazon in his thrown room before being impaled on his spear and having both his arms cut off. He still refuses to go down quietly, forcing Amazon to use Super Dai Setsudan to behead him, causing him to explode with Garanda's base destroyed in the process.
Episode 24
"Great Emperor Zero"
A Body double who poses for the real Zero, using his lance to execute traitors and failures alike. When Amazon arrives to Garanda's base, Zero negates the Gigi Armlet's powers with his lance as the Helium Bomb is installed. However, once the Gaga Armlet is fused to the Gigi Armlet, Amazon become immune to Zero's power as he looses his arm to the Kamen Rider before he gets impaled by his own pit trap.
Episodes 14-24
Kurojusha ("Black Follower")
The Garanda Empire's foot soldiers.
Series:  Kamen Rider Amazon