Name: Hiroshi Tsukuba
Designation: Kamen Rider Skyrider
Equipment: Tornado, Sky Turbo
Hiroshi Tsukuba was a camper that was flying a glider who witnesses the attempted abduction of scientists by soldiers of the terrorist organization Neo-Shocker. Landing, Tsukuba drives off the abductors. Later when Tsukuba is critically wounded by a Neo-Shocker mutant, Dr. Keitaro Shido, who has been captured by Neo-Shocker, convinces General Monster that he should be allowed to convert Tsukuba into a cyborg warrior. Dr. Shiba does this to save Tsukuba's life. Hiroshi Tsukuba awakens as the new warrior of justice, Skyrider. He was the first Kamen Rider who could fly. He is also one of the most powerful of the Kamen Riders, having passed a survival test that involved being struck by the Rider Kicks of all his predecessors. In episode 14, Hiroshi meets Genjiro Tani who becomes the mentor to Skyrider. He is referred to as "Kamen Rider" until Episode 20, where Kamen Rider Stronger addresses him as "Skyrider". All of the previous Kamen Riders call him Skyrider and the Neo-Shocker kaijin do so as well after Episode 20. In Episode 48 Skyrider has to fight 3 fake Skyriders (Dororingo). As usual the evil Riders wear yellow scarves. In The Finale, The Riders fought The Great Boss of Neo-Shocker. The Leader and Neo-Shocker itself is destroyed at the hands of Skyrider & The Original 7 Riders. Originally Hiroshi Tsukuba said "Henshin" to transform but starting in Episode 35 he says "Sky Henshin". Unlike the original Kamen Riders who are based on grasshoppers, Skyrider is based on a locust.
Series:  Kamen Rider Skyrider