Shocker is once again reformed as the Neo-Shocker organization.
Great Boss of Neo-Shocker
A giant dragon who is the leader of the Neo-Shocker organization. Destroyed in a bomb explosion. He appeared in Episodes 52 to 54.

General Monster / Yamorijin
The first chief of the Neo-Shocker organization. He transforms into Yamorijin, a gecko monster. He was executed by the Admiral Majin after defeated by Skyrider's Sky Kick. Appeared in Episodes 1-17.
Admiral Majin
The second and final chief of the Neo-Shocker organization. He was the only Neo-Shocker member with no kaijin form. He was executed by the Great Boss after being defeated by Kamen Rider 2, Kamen Rider Stronger, and Skyrider's triple kick. He appeared in Episodes 17-53.
Galaxy King
A mechanical alien invader that Neo-Shocker formed an alliance with. Destroyed in his spaceship explosion. Only appeared in the movie.
Ari Commands
Ant-like common footsoldiers in black of Neo-Shocker organization.
Skull Assassination Squad
Skull-masked footsoldiers of the Neo-Shocker organization under the Great Boss who wield swords and crossbows. Appeared in Episodes 53 and 54.
Neo-Shocker Scientists
Scientists and technicians of Neo-Shocker that are dressed in white.
Professor Doc
A friend of General Monster. After General Monster died, he was sentenced to death from Admiral Majin and killed by Shibirayjin. He appeared in Episodes 16-18.
Doctor Meteor
An authority on brain surgery. Killed by Kamen Rider Stronger's Electro Shock in Episode 38.
Doctor X
He repairs or scraps Ari Commands in an dock disguised as a pediatric clinic in Episode 52.
White Ari Commands
Termite-like scientists in white of Neo-Shocker organization.
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