Dogma Kingdom
The Dogma Kingdom is a secret extremist organization originating from Dark-Nebula B-26 who are seeking to kill Super-1 and rule the earth with their cyborgs, purging all those deemed unworthy of the utopia.

Emperor Terror Macro / Kaiser Crow
The leader of the Dogma Kingdom, an ancient looking man who surrounds himself with bodyguards. The bells that hang down under his throne ring to announce his arrival, and also serve as a means of discipline. After General Megirl's failure to destroy Super-1, he transforms into Kaiser Grow to fight him personally, and is destroyed by Super-1 Super Rider Moon Surface Kick. Appears in Episodes 1-23.

General Megirl / Death Buffalo
The Dogma Kingdom's only eminent chief, he was a human named Masato Okuzawa until an event five years prior resulted in his joining Dogma. He rides the horse Baraga and is a master of the sword. After all his subordinates are killed, he transforms into Death Buffalo to fight Kamen Rider Super-1, and is destroyed by Super-1 Super Rider Spark Kick. Appears in Episodes 1-22.
Dogma Bodyguards
As their name states, they won't let anyone get too close to Terror Macro. They are higher ranks than General Megirl. Appears in Episodes 1-23.
Dogma Fighters
The Dogma Kingdom's foot soldiers. Scientists wear the white gowns. Appears in Episodes 1-23.
Series:  Kamen Rider Super-1