Battle Hopper
The Battle Hopper is a living motorcycle created by Gorgom, made specifically for Creation Kings Black Sun and Shadow Moon. The Battle Hopper has the ability to heal its own wounds if damaged, and can stand on its own if knocked over. His special move is the Dynamic Smash, a body slam attack that is executed at full speed. It talked for the first time in the finale just before it died after being destroyed by Shadow Moon. Before the finale, Battle Hopper was later stolen by Shadow Moon and dies in the final episode, but would later resurrect as Acrobatter in Black RX.
Road Sector
The Road Sector is a motorcycle created by Yoichi Daimon for Gorgom. The Road Sector is a prototype made with the intention of making it a mass-produced vehicle for their mutant soldiers, but instead it became Kamen Rider Black's second Rider Machine. It was hidden by Daimon Akira somewhere in the woods. Daimon met and got to know that Kotaro was Kamen Rider Black and was not reluctant to surrender the motorbike to him. The Road Sector has a special function called the Attack Shield that shields the rider from harm. In this mode, the Road Sector can perform its special ramming maneuver, the Sparkling Attack.
Series:  Kamen Rider Black