Name: Kotaro Minami
Designation: Kamen Rider Black
Weapons: King Stone
Rider Machines: Battle Hopper, Road Sector
Kotaro Minami was born on the day of a solar eclipse alongside his stepbrother Nobuhiko, revered by the Gorgom as the heirs to their leader's throne as Century Kings. Kotaro's Century King name was Black Sun. Once the two were of the ideal age, the Gorgom captured them and infused them each with a Kingstone. However, Soichiro Akizuki, Nobuhiko's father and Kotaro's legal guardian, interrupted the final mind-altering stage of the surgery and Kotaro barely escaped with his life while Nobuhiko was in a state of hibernation. After Soichiro was killed for his actions, revealing to Kotaro that his parents were murdered by Gorgom while he was a baby. Kotaro took on the name of "Kamen Rider Black" to fight Gorgom and later Shadow Moon, Nobuhiko's perfected Century King form and a pure, cold-blooded Gorgom leader. He can withstand high voltage electricity, has impossible strength, super hearing, quick healing, can see invisible lasers and can defy a time freeze. When he was initially killed by Shadow Moon, his remaining family members Kyoko and Kasumi)were forced to evacuate from Gorgom's hegemony over Japan. He was eventually resurrected and fought his way through the remaining monsters before presumably killing Shadow Moon and destroying the Creation King. Soon after wards, Kotaro visits the Capitola bar for the last time and he had left parts unknown.
Series:  Kamen Rider Black