Acrobatter is the revived version of Black's old motorcycle, the Battle Hopper in response to Black's transformation to RX. A strong beam of light shot out from his stomach and hit the broken motorcycle. Moments later, Battle Hopper evolved into a new version and came back to life. It is now capable of speaking Japanese, and often has conversations with Kotaro. Powered by sunlight, Arcobatter can execute the Acrobatic Burn attack. Whenever RX transforms into any of his two other forms, it does the same: Becoming the high speed Roboizer for RoboRider with two built-in Balkan Gun blasters mounted at its rear. It became the Mach Jabber for BioRider.
The car of light, Ridron. In Episode 3, Kotaro received a floppy disk from one of the inhabitants of Crisis' Demon World. The floppy disk contained a blueprint of Ridron and he hoped that Kotaro would make use of it to defeat Crisis. Kotaro built Ridron with the help of Acrobatter in his garage. However, after everything seemed completed, the car just would not start. Crisis sent out a robot named Gun Gadin to destroy Ridron. Realizing that Crisis knew of his garage's location, Kotaro moved Ridron to another place. Kotaro hid Ridron in the cave on the seabed where he was brought back to life by Gorgom's Whale monster. Kotaro hoped that by temporarily keeping Ridron there, it would give the car a life. Later when it was left alone, rocks attracted themselves to the car, giving it life and when RX finally called for it, Ridron sped out. Able to reach speeds up to 1500 km, Rideron can travel over land and sea. It is highly intelligent, similar to Acrobatter. It has two mandibles that can extend from the front to do break-ins or ramming enemies.
Series:  Kamen Rider Black RX