Kamen Rider ZO
JAPAN 1993
Release Date: April 17, 1993

Doctor Mochizuki is a geneticist who made an experiment called the Neo Organism and also transformed his lab assistant Masaru Aso into Kamen Rider ZO. Masaru fled two years later and awoke to protect the son of Doctor, Hiroshi. Masaru learns that Dr. Mochizuki mysteriously vanished. ZO battles Koumori Man to cover Hiroshi and Reiko's escape before they are sucked in a pocket dimension by Kumo Woman, both monsters created by Doras. After saving Hiroshi, Masaru reveals to Seikichi that Dr. Mochizuki used him in his experiments. Refusing to believe it, Hiroshi ran off before Masaru found him and fixed the watch, recognizing the melody that stirred him out of his rest as he helps Hiroshi cope with this new information. Koumori Man assumed Mochizuki's form to lure Hiroshi away and capture him. ZO kills Koumori Man before making his way to Hiroshi and Dr. Mochizuki, learning that the Neo Organism has been acting on its own whim the entire time to become the perfect being. ZO attempts to fight Doras, only to be assimilated into the Neo Organism. Doras then proceeds to use the boy to force Mochizuki to complete its evolution. However, the watch manages to hold Doras at bay as ZO breaks out of the monster and Mochizuki sacrifices himself to destroy the pool, the Neo Organism's life source. The complex then undergoes a detonation sequence as ZO and Hiroshi escaped.
Series:  Kamen Rider ZO