Growing Form
Growing Form is the weakest form of Kuuga and has white armor with small horns. In the first episode, Yuusuke wears the belt to fight Zu-Gumun-Ba but is unable to fully utilize its power. Kuuga will turn white if he is seriously injured and will not be able to transform for 2 hours. In the first few episodes, he is labeled as "Unidentified Life Form #2" and thought to be a different being from his other form. Although his power is weak in this form, he can still use the finisher Growing Kick, although this attack is only 1/3 as powerful as the Mighty Kick, hence, Kuuga must strike his opponent three consecutive times.
Mighty Form
Mighty Form is Kuuga's default form and has red armor, originally referred to by the police as Unidentified Life Form #4. Yuusuke was first able to transform into this form while fighting Zu-Gooma-Gu. In this form, Kuuga uses his Rider Kick the Mighty Kick attack to kill the monsters.
Rising Mighty
Mighty Form was enhanced by the golden power into Rising Mighty, with golden trimmings. The Mighty Anklet is attached on the right leg, upgrading Kuuga's Rider Kick to the Rising Mighty Kick, which causes the target to explode with a 3000 meter radius of the area.
Amazing Mighty
By episode 46, Kuuga's Rising Form has become permanent and was further advanced into gold-trimmed & black-armored Amazing Mighty that seems to be a perfect "mighty-type" form. An additional Mighty Anklet is attached on the left leg. Both Mighty Anklets are equipped to deliver the deadly Amazing Mighty Kick dropkick attack. But even with this Amazing Mighty Form, Yuusuke was easily defeated by the Grongi's leader.
Dragon Form
Dragon Form is an azure quick form that allows Kuuga to be more agile and quicker, although his physical strength drops from the level offered by Mighty Form. Dragon Form enables Kuuga to do quick running and rapid jumping in order to pursue the enemy. The armor grants Kuuga less protection, but is better suited for quick movements and more jump power. To make up for the lack of strength, he uses the Dragon Rod staff as his weapon, using any long pole or stick-like object to manifest it. His finishing move in this form is "Splash Dragon", an aerial thrust attack to the torso.
Rising Dragon
Dragon Form was later upgraded by the golden power into Rising Dragon, gaining a golden trim with his weapon enhanced into the Rising Dragon Rod voulge and his finishing move improved into the "Rising Splash Dragon".
Pegasus Form
Pegasus Form is a green shooting form where Kuuga's senses are heightened to extreme levels, enabling him to see and hear his opponents with deadly accuracy. It allows Kuuga to detect the enemy's position, despite the enemy's cloaking ability. The downside to this is that it can not be sustained for too long because of the enormous strain placed on the nervous system from over stimulation (only 50 seconds), and if Kuuga exceeds this limit, he shall be knocked back into Growing Form & be unable to transform for two hours. Kuuga uses the Pegasus Bowgun crossbow that can be created out of any gun-like object, commonly Ichijo's hand gun. His finishing move with the bow gun is "Blast Pegasus", an arrow shot from the bowgun.
Rising Pegasus
Once upgraded to Rising Pegasus, Kuuga can hold the form for 30 seconds more and uses the Rising Pegasus Bowgun; a long sharp bowgun for his "Rising Blast Pegasus", which shoots three arrows rapidly.
Titan Form
Titan Form is a purple form where defense is greatly increased, allowing him to withstand his opponents' attacks long enough to get in close range, despite sacrificing speed. This form has much larger armor that is mainly silver with large purple trims. He uses the Titan Sword that can be created out of short pole or stick-like objects, normally the control handle of his bike. His finishing move is "Calamity Titan", a powerful sword thrust when Kuuga twists the blade as it is impaled.
Rising Titan
This was the first of Kuuga's forms to be upgraded by the golden power, becoming Rising Titan. As a result, Kuuga uses the longer & bigger Rising Titan Sword for the "Rising Calamity Titan" attack. But Kuuga can create a second Rising Titan Sword to use for the stronger "Double Rising Calamity Titan" attack.
Ultimate Form
His most dangerous form, the Ultimate Form combines all the powers of the other forms, it has black armor with both gold and "slightly visible" silver trims all over his body. Ultimate Kuuga has a different design, with five horns and a black belt core. Originally a risk is that the user would lose control and become like Daguva, a monster bent on killing everything in its way. However, due to Yuusuke's gentle nature, he retains his will as he uses the new form against Daguva, retaining the Red Eye color of Mighty Form as opposed to the original Black Ey color. When in battle, Ultimate Kuuga is able to see a monster's human form. Every single attack hit from Kuuga Ultimate causes his opponent to bleed, despite the enemy's powerful armor. This form can utilizes the same powers as Daguva, including Pyrokinesis, along with the ability to utilize the Dragon Rod, Pegasus Bowgun, and Titan Sword, with similar "Rising"-type weapons, but in black-gold color. However this ability was never shown along with the Ultimate Form's most powerful attack the "Ultimate Kick", which is the strongest version of Kuuga's Rider Kick, apparently strong enough to destroy the world at full strength. This form was also called the Supreme Warrior.
Series:  Kamen Rider Kuuga