TryChaser 2000
The TryChaser 2000 (TRCS 2000) is Kuuga's personal bike. A new model of police motorcycle, it was designed to be faster and powerful than the conventional bikes utilized by the police force. It's other unique feature is its activation: To activate it requires both the Try-Acceler Rod, the bike's right grip that functions as a start-up key, and a four-digit keycode. Ichijou would give the prototype to Yuusuke, believing he is the only one who can successfully beat the Unidentified Life Forms. Yuusuke would later alter TryChaser's color scheme via a keycode, giving it its signature red, white, and gold look. It is stolen and transformed mid-series by Go-Bada-Ba.
It is a mysterious entity formed from fragments found at the original excavation site at the beginning of the story. After its initial formation, the Gouram assimilated various other metals as it made its way to Tokyo in its search for Kuuga. It assists Kuuga in various capacities such as aerial transportation and becoming Barding for Kuuga's bike, however, after being used for a certain amount of time, it returns back to its shattered fragments until Yuusuke revives it by touching its Amadam. It is very maneuverable and capable of a top air speed of 500km/h (310.69mph). However, since being exposed to the golden power, Gouram returns back to the Police Science Division in a different color and in one piece.
When the Gouram finally finds Kuuga, it attaches itself to the TRCS 2000 as armor to become the TryGouram. While in this form the bike is faster and capable of ramming opponents via the Try Gouram Attack in a similar manner to Kuuga's Mighty Kick.
BeatChaser 2000
BeatChaser 2000 is an upgraded model of the TryChaser 2000 that was designed specifically for Kuuga, it is faster and more durable than the TRCS model and more resistant to the corression caused by Gouram. Yuusuke utilized this bike in order to track down and defeat Go-Bada-Ba. Like the TryChaser, this vehicle was also upgradable by the Gouram and even Kuuga's Golden Power.
The Beat Gouram is much like the Try Goram as it is the combination of the BeatChaser 2000 and the Gouram. Unlike its TryChaser incarnation, the Gouram returns to the Police Science Division when inactive, now intact and in a different color. It was used only once, in order to destroy Go-Baberu-Da.
Rising BeatGouram
The BeatGouram, which is a combo of the BeatChase 2000 and Gouram, it is later enhanced by Kuuga's Golden Power to become the Rising BeatGouram.
Series:  Kamen Rider Kuuga