The Arcle is an ancient belt created by the Linto tribe and used by the previous Kuuga. While being attacked by Zu-Gumun-Ba, Yuusuke grabbed the belt and after putting it on, it immediately fused into his body. When he transforms it reappears around his waist and is always the same color as his current form. A stone embedded in the belt, called Amadam, is the source of Kuuga's power and able to extend the lifespan of a person. Furthermore, the Amadam is present in Daguva as well.
Dragon Rod
In Kuuga's Dragon Form, he uses the Dragon Rod staff as his weapon, using any long pole or stick-like object to manifest it.
Rising Dragon Rod
While in his Rising Dragon Form, his Dragon Rod enhanced into the Rising Dragon Rod voulge and his finishing move improved into the "Rising Splash Dragon."
Pegasus Bowgun
In Pegasus Mode, Kuuga uses the Pegasus Bowgun crossbow that can be created out of any gun-like object, commonly Ichijo's hand gun.
Rising Pegasus Bowgun
In Rising Pegasus Mode, he uses the Rising Pegasus Bowgun; a long sharp bowgun for his "Rising Blast Pegasus", which shoots three arrows rapidly.
Titan Sword
In Titan Form, his Titan Sword can be created out of short pole or stick-like objects, normally the control handle of his bike. His finishing move is "Calamity Titan", a powerful sword thrust when Kuuga twists the blade as it is impaled.
Rising Titan Sword
Kuuga uses the longer & bigger Rising Titan Sword for the "Rising Calamity Titan" attack. But Kuuga can create a second Rising Titan Sword to use for the stronger "Double Rising Calamity Titan" attack.
Series:  Kamen Rider Kuuga