Ground Form
The Ground Form is the default form of Agito, accessed through the Alter Ring belt. This form harnesses the power of the earth, turning Shoichi's entire body into a lethal weapon, with bone-crushing blows and crippling locks. Of all the forms, the golden Ground Form is the most balanced form, with power, speed and strength working in harmony to make the most of its capabilities. At its peak, the crest horns upon his head opens, pushing all of Agito's capabilities to their fullest to execute his Rider Kick, a jump kick of incredible raw power and force; or with the Machine Tornader, the Rider Brake (through jumping off the Machine Tornader at full speed), and Dragon Breath, which involves ramming the side of the Machine Tornader into the enemy. Ground Form appears to be able to use a Rider Punch.
Storm Form
The Storm Form is the second form of Agito, triggered when Shouichi activated the left switch on the Alter Ring, 'opening' the "Blue Dragon's Eye." The blue "Storm Form" harnesses the power of wind through the left arm, and imparts the form with supernatural agility and reflexes. The most nimble of forms, Storm Agito maneuvers with such swiftness and cunning that its movements parallel foresight. This form also carries a signature Storm Halberd--a folding double-bladed pole arm that serves as Agito‘s primary means of attack while in Storm Form. Despite impressive overall speed and agility, the Storm Form is by far the weakest in comparison to the other forms, in terms of power and strength. His final attack is Halberd Spin, whipping up a powerful gale by twirling the open Storm Halberd at rapid speeds, blowing away everything in the general vicinity, and gaining swing-momentum for a finishing strike, and with the Machine Tornader, the Halberd Brake.
Flame Form
The Flame Form is the third of Agito's forms to be revealed, triggered by activating the right switch on the Alter Ring, 'opening' the "Red Dragon's Eye." The searing power of flame flows through the right arm, bestowing Flame Form with incredible strength. Aside from its apparent superiority in the areas of power and defense, the Flame Form heightens Agito's senses, permitting enemy detection with frightening precision. This form also has exclusive access to the Flame Saber, using it for his Saber Slashattack which anything he slices with the blade is reduced to ashes, or the stronger Double Saber Slash with an additional Flame Saber to deliver a double saber-stroke attack. With the Machine Tornader, Flame Form is able to use Saber Brake.
Trinity Form
In the brief instance when he was able to recover his memory, Shouichi revealed the power to invoke a new level of transformation possessing extraordinary properties of Ground, Storm, and Flame forms: the Trinity Form. This form's capabilities, a combination of all three, harness the strongest qualities of Agito's powers and execute the forms' finishing attacks. In this form, Agito can wield both Storm Form's Storm Halberd and Flame Form's Flame Saber. It appears to be dependent to his memory recall as the power of the Trinity Form was sealed away after his relapse. His final attacks are Fire Storm Attack, using both the Storm Halberd and Flame Saber in one decisive strike, and the Rider Kick called the Rider Shoot dropkick, a stronger version of the Ground Form's Rider Kick infused with the powers of Storm and Flame Forms.
Burning Form
Burning Form, known as "the power awakening to infinite possibilities," causes a very rough transition, as he was virtually incapacitated during the emergence of this new power. The Burning Form amplifies and translates Agito's fury into power; thus the greater his rage, the more powerful the Burning Form became, as seen with his Burning Rider Punch attack. His signature weapon, the Shining Caliber, is a dual-bladed weapon capable of two modes: Single Mode, as a dual-blade sword and Twin Mode, as paired blades. Burning Form uses the "Single Mode" exclusively for his "Burning Bomber" attack, cutting down the enemy with lethal blazing strokes.
Shining Form
Shining Form, known as the "evolution of infinite possibilities," was awakened by the light of the sun. An evolution unanticipated by the Overlord of Darkness, it appears after having mastered Burning Form, literally molting the armor of Burning Form. Although the power of his fists remain unchanged, all other attributes being pushed to their peak make this Agito's greatest form. In Shining Form, Agito wields the Shining Caliber in Twin Mode as paired blades for his high-speed "Shining Clash" attack. His final attack is the Rider Kick called the Shining Rider Kick.
Series:  Kamen Rider Agito