The Machine Tornader is Agito's motorcycle that can transform into a hovercraft for him to surf on. With Slider Mode, Agito can execute a finishing attack depending on the form he is in. In Ground Form, he uses Dragon Breath to careen toward the enemy and mow them down with the side of the Machine Tornader. He can also execute Rider Brake attack, speeding Machine Tornader to boost his Rider Kick with added momentum. Agito can execute similar boosted attacks in Storm and Flame Forms with Halberd Brake and Saber Brake.
Guard Chaser
G3's motorcycle which stores his primary weapons, based upon the designs of Kuuga's TryGouram/Beat Gouram bikes.
G3's base of operations which was operated by Ozawa and Omuro.
Gills Raider
Gill's personal motorcycle which changes along with him under the power of the Meta Factor.
Dark Hopper
An alternate form of his Honda XR250 bike under the power of the Ank Point for Another Agito.
Series:  Kamen Rider Agito