Alter Ring
The Alter Ring is a mysterious belt bestowed upon Shouichi by the Over Lord of Light. It holds the "Seed of Agito" and is the source of his power. An enhanced version of the Alter Ring can be seen in his Burning and Shining Forms. As he grows in strength, he would unlock its full powers.
Wiseman's Monolith
The Wiseman's Monolith is a relic fitted onto Agito's breastplate. Its purpose is unknown as it's not explaned in the series, but it is thought to serve as Agito's heart. Wiseman' Monolith was covered up when Agito assumes Burning Form and changes its color to yellow when he assumes Shining Form.
Storm Halberd
The Storm Halberd is a double-bladed pole arm that serves as Agito‘s primary means of attack while in Storm Form. When its blades are unfolded, the Storm Halberd can stir up gale-force winds powerful enough to halt most adversaries with a barrier of wind.
Flame Saber
The Flame Saber is the signature weapon of the Flame Form, a sword of unparalleled sharpness. Its lethal capacity is further increased when all 6 "Flame Horns" are opened, similar to Agito's own horns, when opened; a Saber Slash while in this state would literally reduce an adversary to ashes.
Shining Caliber
The Shining Caliber are Twin saber weapons available to Agito while using Burning Form (Single Mode, as a dual-bladed sword) and Shining Form (Twin Mode, as paired blades). They were destroyed during the final battle with the El Lords, although they could theoretically be summoned again (in a later battle) completely repaired.
Guard Acceler
An electromagnetic stick which is the updated version of the TryAcceler series, stored on left leg, hand-carried or inserted into Guard Chaser throttle port in use.
GM-01 Scorpion
A modular magnum pistol, stored on right hip, hand-carried in use; compatible with GG-02 Salamander module attachment
GG-02 Salamander
A grenade launcher module, attached to barrel of GM-01 Scorpion.
GS-03 Destroyer
A high-frequency sword, mounted on left arm when in use.
GA-04 Anthares
A wire-anchor hook, mounted on left arm when in use.
GX-05 Cerberus
A multi-mode gatling gun, hand-carried in use; modular attachment include GM-01 "Scorpion" and tracker scope; exclusive only to the G3-X
GK-06 Unicorn
An electromagnetic combat knife, stored left arm, hand carried in use.
Meta Factor
Seed & transformation belt for Gills, mounted around waist in transformed state.
Gills Claw
They are talons, protrudes from forearms in transformed state; morphs into Exceed Claw as Exceed Gills.
Gills Heel Claw
They are talons, protrudes from heel in transformed state; morphs into Exceed Heel Claw as Exceed Gills.
Gills Feeler
They are tentacles, protrudes from wrist in transformed state.
Gills Stinger
They are tentacles, protrudes from shoulder blades in Exceed Gills form.
Ank Point
Transformation belt for Another Agito, worn around waist and in use and with the power of the "Alter Force".
Bio Claw
Rests on right forearm while transformed for Another Agito.
Series:  Kamen Rider Agito