Name: Toru Hojyo
Designation: V-1
Weapons: V-1
A fellow cop and Hikawa's rival, Hojo's brilliant and talented in his profession as well as crafty and underhanded, such as his first attempt to capture Agito which nearly got him killed by Aki. He is also the creator of the Victory One System (V1), which was meant to rival the G3 System. Despite his attitude, he has respect for Hikawa; as well as admiration for Ozawa. After he give up on pursuing the G3 system, Hojo try to uncover the mysteries behind Kazaya Nobuyuki's murder, thus leading to uncover the culprit none other than Yukina, an Agito. This is making Hojo deduces that human that possess Agito power are more dangerous than Unknown, and able to convince the police superiors to reform G3 Unit based on what he found. But, in reality he just fears their power, much like the Lords and Overlord. But when Hojo took his place as the G3's user, believing he got the position for being a hero. Hikawa resumed his role in the G3 squad while decking Hojo when he attempted to capture Agito. However after Hikawa and Ozawa took the G3 unit from him, he hands down and let them. In the series epilogue, he meets Ozawa at the London University, as both fire sparks at each other once again, eventually revealing the fact that they actually have feelings for each other.
Series:  Kamen Rider Agito