Pantheras Luteus
A leopard Unknown and the first of the Unknowns, possessing a red scarf around his neck. He targeted the entire Saeki family, killing them one by one. Makoto Hikawa encountered the monster after he killed the wife, sparing him as he was not his target. Hikawa took instand pursuit in G3 gear, overpowered by Luteus until Agito arrived and destroyed the monster with his Ground Form's Rider Kick
Pantheras Albus
This Snow Leopard Unknown witnesses Luteus' death by Agito, possessing a blue scarf around his neck and used the Hubris Bow and arrow. He and Tristis sabotage the counter before Albus murdered a young-woman Minako Shujiguchi, thus targeting her twin sister and their mother. A skeptical Honjou uses the mother to flush out the killer, meeting Albus at Kitawakayama Park. He was tempted to kill Honjou for his interference until G3 arrived, putting up a good fight until Tristis came into the seen. the two Pantheras overpowered G3 until Agito arrives. Albus battled G3 until he was destroyed by Agito Ground Form's Rider Kick
Pantheras Tristis
This black panther unknown witnesses Luteus' death by Agito, possessing a blue scarf around his neck and used the Covetousness Spear. He and Albus sabotage the counter, with Tristis lying low until Albus was being beaten by G3. Though the two overpowered G3, Agito arrived and Tristis was destroyed by Agito Storm Form's Halberd Spin
Testudo Oceanus
A sea turtle Unknown named Oceanus was responsible for indirectly revealing to Hikawa the nature of the Lords' victims. He made his move again at Tojimata Park, with Shouichi sensing the monster. Oceanus manages to beat Shouichi until he transforms into Agito before Mana's eyes, but his armored shell made him immune to Agito Ground Form's Rider Kick in the first fight before retracting. However, with helping Terrestris in fighting G3, Agito drags Oceanus off to a disclose area with the second Rider Kick causing the monster's armored body to crack before he explodes.
Testudo Terrestris
A Gopher Tortoise Unknown, Terrestris comes to aid Oceanus during his fight with Agito. He escaped Agito and later resurfaces to kill an entire family at Oume-shi. He then proceeds to attack a little girl a while later, only to be halted by a police officer and then by G3 before Agito arrives. He was destroyed when G3 uses his GG-02 Salamander on him, with a delayed reaction to the attack.
Anguis Masculus
A cobra Unknown armed with a ceremonial staff named the Judgment Staff, his killing of Hisao Katahira attracted the police's attention. He later targeted Mayumi, with Hikawa stopping him until Agito arrives. Masculus was overpowered by Agito's Ground and Storm Forms until Femineus arrives and cover their escape. Masculus later tried to kill Mayumi again, accidentally completing Ryou's change. When Masculus attempted to kill Mayumi a 3rd time, he evoked the wrath of Ryou when he assumes the form of Gill to fight him. While Gills isn't full powered at first, allowing Masculus to easily overpower him, Gills fully matures and proceeds to completely overpower the Unknown. After pummeling Masculus into submission, Gills brutally kills the Lord with Gills Heel Claw.
Anguis Femineus
Gorgon-like in appearance and armed with a whip named the Evil-Eyed Whip. She arrives to aid Masculus on the Overlord's approval, overpowering Agito and covering their escape. Femineus later battles Agito and G-3, forced to retreat after being disarmed by Agito Storm Form. Later, after being denied the Overlord's aid in healing her, a rage-filled Femineus murdered Sakiko Mikumo to spite, with the Overlord telekinetically forcing Femineus to kill herself for breaking the taboo of taking the life of a normal human. She returned in the Hyper Battle special, only to be destroyed by Agito Flame Form's Double Saber Slash.
Corvus Croccio
After killing four people already in his hunt, Croccio was encountered by Agito Ground Form. But Croccio was able to counter Agito's kick with his flying abilities, overpowering Agito and leaving him for dead and killing his fifth victim. Even with the G3 Unit, the police failed to keep Croccio from his sixth victim. But by the seventh victim, Agito arrives to battle the Crow Lord once again. Croccio lures Agito to an ideal setting to have an advantage. However, the fight resulted with Agito assuming Flame Form and using his Saber Slash to destroy the Crow Lord, using the Lord's flying speed to trick him into being slice him in half down the middle.
Mollipes Octipes
An Octopus Lord, he emerges from a watery portal with his method of killing being to artificially drown people. After killing his first victim, Octipes is intercepted by Hojou in the G3 suit, who almost killed the victim's son. He was reduced to sludge by the GG-Launcher. However, the remnants of Octipedes found a small body of water to enter and reform into a new Octipedes with immunities to G3's arsenal. When Hojou arrives to intercept him, Octipedes easily overpowers him and Hojou discards the G3 suit and runs for his life. By then, Agito takes over the fight, killing Octipedes for good with his Rider Kick.
Equus Noctis
A black-skinned Unknown with red mane and cape, his killing attracts the attention of the police. Noctis later attacks a woman baring the unbon child of his previous victim that Hikawa manages to save her by luring the Unknown away while fighting for his own life. But Hojo arrives in the G3 and battles the Lord in vain until Agito shows up. With Dies' assistance, Noctis escapes and later to finish the job. But Agito intervenes and kills Noctis with his Rider Kick.
Equus Dies
A white-skinned Unknown with blue mane and cape, he arrives to aid Noctis in fighting Agito and escaping him. Dies later attacks Saeko, only to be destroyed by Gills's Gills Heel Claw.
Leiurus Acutia
A Scorpion Lord, his method of killing is using his stinger/ponytail to inflict a liquid metallic poison on the victim on the neck, with a delayed effect that overtime kills the person, in the fashion of fatal freeze burn, within 24 hours. Armed with an ax named the Infernal Ax and Darklord's Shield, which is hard. When Acutia goes where Mana, Agito covers her escape while assuming his Flame form. However, the Scorpion succeeds in poisoning Shoichi when his Rider Kick had no effect of the Darklord's Shield, with G3 arriving to save him and Mana. When Acutia attempts to finish the job the next day, Agito breaks through Acutia's defense with his Rider Break, killing him and neutralizing the poison in himself.
Skelos Falx
Armed with the Convictional Scythe, after killing three brothers, Falx targeted Aki only to be driven off by Gills. After evading Gills on a second try, Falx crosses paths woth Agito who assumes Flame Form and uses the Unknown's speed against him with his Saber Slash, cutting Falx right down the middle. Falx reappears in the Hyper Battle special, destroyed by G3-X using his GG-02 Salamader.
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