Card Deck
A crest-engraved card holder which holds the Advent Cards.

Advent Cards
The cards which the Riders use in their battles for summoning offensive and/or defensive weapons to special abilities or summoning their Contact Monster.

When the Card Deck is put up against a reflective surface, a Vent Buckle appears for the Card Deck to side into to combine the change with the command 'Henshin.'
Drag Visor
Each Kamen Rider has a card reader that is strapped to their left forearms. Each one is modeled after their theme. Some of them come with a unique weapon. Ryuki's Drag Visor looks like a Dragon and so does his right-handed guantlet, which is called with his Strike Vent card.
Drag Saber
Ryuki's sword has a red hilt and is called with his Sword Vent card.
Drag Shield
Ryuki's guarding shield resembles the bottom of a dragon that is summoned by his Guard Vent card.
Dark Visor
Kamen Rider Knight's card reader is in his sword.
Wing Lancer
Knight's sword is summoned with his Sword Vent card.
Scissors Pincer
Scissor's scissor-like pincers are mounted on his Scissors Visor.
Magnu Visor
Zolda's visor doubles as a submachine gun with a cyclic rate of 120 rounds per minute. He inserts card within a compartment blow the gun, in front of the trigger.
Giga Launcher
Kamen Rider Zolda's large bazooka.
Giga Cannon
Kamen Rider Zolda's backpack.
Giga Armor
Kamen Rider Zolda's huge shield called upon with his Guard Vent card.
Bio Visor
Kamen Rider Verde's card reader located on his left leg.
Bio Winder
Kamen Rider Verde's primary weapon resembling a yo-yo.
Metal Visor
Kamen Rider Gai's card reader on his actual armor.
Metal Horn
This rhino horn weapon that originally belongs to Kamen Rider Gai is summoned by the Strike Vent card.
Evil Visor
Kamen Rider Raia's card reader visor is also used as a shield and weapon.
Evil Whip
A whip weapon that originally belongs to Kamen Rider Raia summoned by the Swing Vent card.
Veno Visor
Kamen Rider Ohja's visor resembles a staff with a cobra's head.
Veno Saber
Kamen Rider Ohja's spiral-bladed saber called upon by his Sword Vent card.
Dest Visor
Kamen Rider Tiger's visor resembles a battle axe.
Dest Claw
Kamen Rider Tiger's two gauntlets that resembled the claws of Destwilder.
Antelope Visor
Kamen Rider Imperer's card reader is on his right knee.
Antelope Stab
Kamen Rider Imperer's double-drill gauntlet.
Blanc Visor
Kamen Rider Siren's visor resembles a rapier.
Wing Shield
Kamen Rider Femme summons this large shield with the Guard Vent card.
Wing Lancer
Kamen Rider Femme conjures this golden sword.
Gold Visor
Kamen Rider Odin's visor has the form of a scepter tipped with a phoenix ornament.
Gold Sabers
A pair of sabers called upon by Kamen Rider Odin's Sword Vent card.

Gold Shield
Kamen Rider Odin calls this shield with his Guard Vent.

Drag Visor-Zwei
Kamen Rider Ryuki's visor changes from his arm slot to a dragon-like gun called the Drag Visor-Zwei when he becomes Ryuki Survive. The Survive card is inserted inside the dragon mouth and the cards are slotted on the side of the slot.
Black Visor-Zwei
In Knight's Survive Mode, the Survive card is slotted in the back of the Black Visor-Zwei's shield as the sword's crossguard, either pulled out or inside the shield. The shield has a sword sheathed inside.
Knight Survive's visor changes from a shield to a rapier for fighting.
Black Drag Visor
Just like Ryuki, Ryuga slots his cards on the dragon-like slot on his left arm called the Black Drag Visor.
Drag Saber
Ryuga's sword has a black hilt and is called with his Drag Saber like Ryuki's.
Just like Ryuki, Ryuga has a dragon-like gauntlet, which is called with his Strike Vent card.
Series:  Kamen Rider Ryuki