Name: Goro Yura
Designation: Kamen Rider Zolda
Weapons: Giga Launcher, Giga Cannon, Giga Armor, Magnu Visor
Advent Cards: Shoot Vent, Shoot Vent, Guard Vent, Magnugiga, and Final Vent
Contract Beast: Magnagiga
25 year-old Goro is Kitaoka Shuichi's devoted loyal servant, willing to do anything for him but not blindly. He is capable in hand-to-hand combat, so it was quite simple for Shinji to assume he was Kamen Rider Torque. He handles household work such as cooking and cleaning, giving massages, and taking professional photographs. Goro was once Kitaoka's client and because of that, Kitaoka's condition was not diagnosed in time. Feeling in debt, Goro decided to be his loyal servant and bodyguard forever. Kitaoka won't ask him to do things that are fundamentally wrong except for pretending he is dead and have Shinji stuff the body in the car. He has been known to disapprove of Kitaoka's actions and is able to coerce Kitaoka eventually. Later on, he comes to disapprove of him fighting as a Kamen Rider but he does not ask him to stop. He does intently tries running Asakura over with a car, but Kitaoka prevents this and scolds Goro, pointing out that it is his business to take care of. Goro does likes Shinji, knowing he meant no harm to Kitaoka and wouldn't hurt a fly under normal circumstances.Goro took Kitaoka's place as Zolda when his boss died and was killed by Asakura.
Series:  Kamen Rider Ryuki