Name: Hajime Nakamura
Designation: Alternative
Weapons: Slash Visor
Advent Cards: Advent, Sword Vent, Accele Vent, Wheel Vent, Final Vent
Contract Beast: Psycorogue
Kamen Rider Alternative and Alternative Zero were not Kamen Riders like the others, they were two men that created their own decks, so they weren't let's say, 'official' or 'original' ones that Shiro Kanzaki (Yui's brother) made. Hajime Nakamura was originally one of the staff under Professor Ejima at Lab 401, but he was sick the day Kanzaki and Ejima began the experiments. Upon learning what occurred, Nakamura never forgave Kanzaki and his sister, for the events that occurred. Hajime Nakamura studiously avoided any questions about the lab, Kanzaki and what happened there, when encountered by Yui when she came to Seminin University to learn more her brother's actions and later Reiko and Shinji, though Kagawa had given him some superficial explanation. Nakamura eventually joined Professor Kagawa to stop the Rider War as Alternative. However, Nakamura's reasons were for vengeance and thus was killed by Satoru because of those reasons. Unlike the other Advent Cards, Alternative and Alternative Zero's cards are different in appearance; the terminals and images are printed crosswise unlike the original Advent cards that have theirs printed lengthwise, and are given the title, "Alternative Advent Card Alchemy System" at the back. Also, there are green characters on the cards, which may give information to the Visor on what kind of card is swiped. Because their equipment was designed by themselves, the V-Buckles' and Card Decks' appearances were different from the other Riders.
Series:  Kamen Rider Ryuki