Name: Masashi Sudou
Designation: Kamen Rider Scissors
Weapons: Scissors Visor, Scissors Pincer, Guard
Advent Cards: Volcancer, Strike Vent, Guard Vent, and Final Vent
Contract Beast: Volcancer
Masashi Sudou was a corrupted detective, covering up his illegal activities with his occupation, disposing of any witnesses to his acts. The elder Tomoyuki Kaga, was his partner and who owned the Antique and Collection shop, until the older man's demand - for a bigger cut in the profit - made Masashi kill him in his own shop seconds before Shiro Kanzaki appeared and offered him a Card Deck, explaining the terms of accepting it. Masashi took it gladly and made his Contract with the Mirror Monster Volcancer, becoming Kamen Rider Scissors and playing a part in the disappearances as he feeds his victims to Volcancer. He and Len/Knight confronted each other once before the series, neither aware of each others identity. Reiko was investigating the Antique and Collection shop after finding a link between it and some of the missing people, only to be attacked by Masashi hiding in the shadows. When the passerby she had talked to heard the commotion and screamed for help, Masashi ran out through the back and came back at the front pretending to be a passing officer. Reiko was taken to the hospital where she would spend the next couple of days, attempting to unravel the mystery while sending Shinji to investigate the issue for her. But when Shinji ran across Scissors in the Mirror World while fighting Volcancer, Ren came to his aid after making the conclusion that Kaga was the Rider. But against Ren's wishes, Shinji attempted to make nice with Scissors, leaving his calling card in the shop.

Deciding to take advantage of the boy's gullibility, Masashi easily tricked Shinji into giving his name, Knight's human identity and Yui Kanzaki's address. With that, Masashi had Volcancer place Ren getting into an "accident" while he personally attempted to kill Shinji himself from the Mirror World. When that failed, Masashi then kidnapped Yui to use her relation to Shiro for his benefit. Ren was able to corner him and rescue Yui, revealing that he knows the truth behind Kaga (who was plastered to the shop wall as Ren found the cracking cemented wall and glasses falling out of it, with the hand of Kaga sticking out). Masashi was forced to fall back when Shinji arrived, only to be contacted by Reiko, who realized that he was the killer after learning from other detectives that the attack on her wasn't reported to the police. The two detectives pursued Masashi from the hospital and cornered him, only for them to end up being dragged into Mirror World by Volcancer to be devoured as Shinji arrived on the scene.

After revealing his intent to kill off everyone who now knows the truth behind Kaga's murder, Shinji was about to fight Masashi when Ren took his place in battling Scissors with Shinji watching. In the course of the battle of using each others Final Vent on one another, Scissor's Vent Deck cracked, thus breaking his Contract with Volcancer as Scissors' armor started to fade. Volcancer immediately grabbed and pinned Scissors against its chest, devouring its master. In the 13 Riders special, Masashi was among Verde's conspirators in trapping Shinji by pretending to be Shinji's ally. He was killed by Kamen Rider Ohja.

Using the Scissors Visor, a pair of shears on his left forearm, Scissors can conjure an addition claw weapon called the Scissors Pincer and the Shell Defense shield. In his Final Vent Scissors Attack, Scissors uses Volcancer's claws as a springboard to execute a spinning aerial attack.

Series:  Kamen Rider Ryuki