Name: Satoru Tojo
Designation: Kamen Rider Tiger
Weapons: Dest Visor, Dest Claw
Advent Cards: Final Vent, Destwilder, Strike Vent, Freeze Vent
Contract Beast: Destwilder
Satoru is a disturbed killer, with a twisted moral background; a sort of social outcast determined to do whatever it takes to be accepted. He was an university student that revealed his identity to some scientists who tried to duplicate the power (Alternative). Satoru seemed to have shown a great amount of respect to his teacher, adopting most of Hideyuki Kagawa's analogies on the concept of hero, although Satoru himself often ends up going against them due to his bloodthirsty nature. Satoru apparently revealed his role as a Rider to Kagawa, which would eventually lead to the two, along with Hajime Nakamura on the goal to close the Mirror World, making their base within Lab 401, the laboratory in which Kanzaki had been experimenting with the Mirror World. They created two fake unpowered Tiger decks to ensure Satoru's identity is hidden. When Satoru was bumped by accident to Shinji, he accidentally drops a few notes about the Mirror World which Shinji briefly read before being ushered out. While Shinji battled the Mirror Monsters he sensed, Tiger reveals himself while aiding Ryuki.

This confirmed Shinji's suspicions that Kagawa's group did have some connection to the Mirror World and immediately returned to interrogate them, though he believed that Kagawa was Tiger as he explained that the Mirror Monsters were actually sent by Shiro to kill them as they had found a way to close the Mirror World. Shinji, tired of the Rider War, wished to help Kagawa, only to be told that Shinji is yet to be trusted by them. Later, Satoru secretly attempts to kill Yui as Shinji had managed to save Yui before she was run over. After Shinji persists to help them, Kagawa offers Shinji a chance in proving he could be trusted, giving Shinji analogy of what he would do if given the choice between saving a group of people or saving a single individual, a reflection of his logic that hero must be willing to sacrfice a single life to save the lives of millions. However, while working at Atori Cafe, Satoru is confronted by Shinji who asked him about Kagawas plans to close the Mirror World, only for Satoru to tell him that the job was best left to himself, Kagawa and Nakamura.

However, Shinji later noticed that Satoru had been eyeing Yui while working, believing that Satoru had an ulterior motive to working there, believing he may been the mysterious Kamen Rider who had been attacking Yui. While interrogating him about it, Satoru sees that Shinji can be trusted and reveals that for Mirror World, Yui Kanzaki had to die for the greater good. Eventually during the final fight with Alternative/Nakamura, Tiger arrives to Ryuki's aid and kills Alternative, revealing himself. He later explains that he killed Nakamura for his selfish agenda to kill Yui. While watching Zolda, Ohja and Knight participate in a three-way battle, Satoru poured kerosene all over Zoldas car, destroying their only way out of Mirror World before being defeated by Ohja yet again. He ends up dying due to his injuries and as he died, he wondered about how he could have been a hero and the next day the newspaper labels him a 'hero.'

After Shiro restored time to its proper course after Yui's death, Satoru was given a second chance in life with no memory of being a Rider. He accidentally bumps into Shinji with his bike, apologizing afterwards. In the 13 Riders special, Satoru as Tiger was only seen in the last battle with Imperer as tag-team partners. In one ending he was one of the remaining Riders who set their Final Vents on Shinji, then as Kamen Rider Knight Survive.

Dest Visor, the battle axe is used as his main weapon but he also uses his Dest Claw, called with Strike Vent. Additionally he has the Freeze Vent card, which allows him to immobilize an opponents monster in battle. Tiger's Final Vent is called Crystal Break where Destwilder attacks by dragging the enemy on the ground towards him, then he lands the final blow using his Dest Claw.

Series:  Kamen Rider Ryuki