Name: Shuichi Kitaoka
Designation: Kamen Rider Zolda
Weapons: Giga Launcher, Giga Cannon, Giga Armor, Magnu Visor
Advent Cards: Shoot Vent, Shoot Vent, Guard Vent, Magnugiga, and Final Vent
Contract Beast: Magnagiga
Kitaoka is a rich self-centered lawyer self-proclaimed as the "Super-lawyer". He tends to only help someone if he has something to gain. Because he has a terminal case of cancer and was given only several more months to live, he accepted Kanzaki's offer to join the Rider war. His prize is to be immortal so that he could continue his extravagant lifestyle. Because of his illness, he suffers from frequent dizzy spells and fainting. He first meets Shinji after he clears the Sakura Company of its fraud charges and is pursued by the bookies after taking their dirty money as service payments. Though Shinji was unaware of this at first, he attempts to save Kitaoka only to be rescued by his apprentice Goro Yura. Shinji later reunites with Kitaoka when he and Reiko wanted permission to inspect the Kawazu Pharmacy factory for environmental violations. Interested in Shinji, Kitaoka allows him to hang around with him and understand his ideology until Shinji hit a Kitaoka's nerve by saying that to live for one's own desire seemed shallow.

Later after attacking Ryuki, Kitaoka learns that Shinji is in jail for suspected kidnapping and agrees to help him on the condition that Reiko writes a special article to boost his positive image. However, Kitaoka goes to Atori Cafe to get his pay from Ren. After fighting Ren, Kitaoka questions Ren's reasons for not killing Shinji. He had intended to frame Shinji for kidnapping, and so he's fired as Shinji's lawyer when this is revealed. A girl named Yukari that Shinji refused to aid, help free Shinji, so after learning that her mother is hospitalized, he secretly pays for her mother's surgery and earns the girl's respect. However, Zolda manages to sneak attack Ryuki and Knight while they were fighting the Wildboarder with Magnugiga, killing the monster while giving Ren memory loss in the overkill attack.

He later gives Goro use of Zolda armor for a while to conceal himself, until get sets up a scheme of having Shinji believe he accidentally killed Goro to have him quit being a Rider. But his arrogance of barring ORE from a press conference to spite Reiko led to her helping Ren expose the lawyer as the real Zolda. After bailing out the son of one of his clients, Jun/Gai, he drops his long time client Asakura/Ohja out being tired of the man's attitude, leading Asakura receiving aid from Kanzaki. Eventually the two found out they're both Riders and they began a personal feud against each other. Though Shinji would attempt to warn him of Asakura while under the effect of Odin's Time Vent, he faked helping Shinji and later states that fulfilling his wish to win the Rider War is more important than Asakura staying in jail. Kitaoka was the only Rider to voluntarily give up the fight rather than be killed, though he gave up because his cancer prevented him from further action.

While he died in peace at his home, Goro went to fight against Ohja in his place as Zolda. After Kanzaki restored time to its proper course after Yui's death, Kitaoka and Goro were both given a second chance at life. In the movie: Episode Final, he puts his grudge against Asakura on hold because he felt guilty of defending him when he murdered Miho/Femme's sister. Though he attempted to protect her from Ohja, Zolda gets the full blunt of her Blanc Visor, injuring his wrist. He later decides to end fighting, stating that he is tired of it. He then calls Reiko out for dinner, and goes with Goro to purchase flowers, forfeiting. In the 13 Riders special, by accident, Kitaoka later joins the other Riders and traps Knight and Ryuki in a fight. He with the other remaining Riders activated Final Vent on Shinji.

Using his Card Deck, Zolda can conjure up additional weapons that form from his Contact Monster's body such as the Giga Launcher, the Giga Cannon backpack, and a huge Giga Armor shield. In his Final Vent, End Of World, Zolda summons Magnugiga, inserting his Magna Visor into the back to have it fire all of its arsenal at once at the enemy and surround area.

Series:  Kamen Rider Ryuki