Mari Sonoda
A member of the Ryusei School who was sent the Faiz Gear and Auto Vajin by Hanagata, but was unable to use them because she is not a Orphnoch. She insists that Takumi accompany her and use the Faiz Gear to fight Orphnochs. However, she is not as good-willed as she initially appears, and will often agree with Takumi when Keitarou suggests they use Faiz to help more people. She always believes the good in her friends, even Sawada and Takumi after she found out they were Orphnochs as well. She dreams of becoming a beautician.
Keitaro Kikuchi
A young man that Mari and Takumi meet by chance not long after receiving the Faiz Gear. Keitarou and his family are dry cleaners and its his dream to make everyone in the world happy. As such, he lets Mari and Takumi stay with him and work at his family's dry cleaning business for room and board in hopes the he can encourage them to use the Faiz Gear for good. He also seem to have an allergy to Orphnoch, though he thinks he is allergic to people with bad hearts. He exchanges cell phone e-mails with his penpal, Yuka, and becomes infatuated with her in real life, although he doesn't realize that they are the same person until later in the series. In Paradise Lost, he briefly wore the Kaixa Gear.
Ryusei School
The Ryusei School is a group of orphans adopted by the former Chief of Smart Brain, Hanagata, and were schooled by him under their teacher Mr. Masuda. These students became known as the Ryuseiji. Shortly before the series started they attended a reunion, with all students being killed and resurrected as Smart Brain's 'hope', with only Kusaka having memories of the night intact. They each were sent the three Rider Gears: Mari obtaining Faiz and the bulk under Mr. Masuda obtaining Kaixa.
Mr. Masuda
Saya Kimura
A "nekojita" much like Takumi, Saya briefly wore the Delta Gear. Eventually she found her way to the Kikuchi Dry Cleaning shop and worked part-time there. She waited to see what kind of person Takumi was before deciding to hand over the Delta Gear to him. Unfortunately, she was killed by Aki Sawada/Spider Orphnoch before she could.
Rina Abe
Shuji Mihara's friend, former classmate and co-worker in the orphanage where Teruo Suzuki (Orphnoch King) stayed. She went to retrieve the Delta gear and was hit by a car. After the series, she, Mihara, and Mari were the only surviving Ryuseiji.
Kyosuke Tokumoto
After Shindo's death, he tried to put on the Kaixa belt, but couldn't out of fear because of the other users' deaths. After the Delta belt was discovered and he used it, he believed the belt was rightfully his because of the belt's side effect. Not only that, he also gained some power from the belt. Along with Arai, he kidnapped Mari to lure out Sawada to get the belt. He was killed by Sawada by drowning.
Shoji Inukai
He was killed by Crocodile Orphnoch.
Kiyotaka Nishida
Temporarily used the the Kaixa belt in episode 11 and 12. With the Kaixa Gear, he destroyed Crocodile Orphnoch's first life. But he soon died in Mr. Masuda's arms from the belt's side effect.
Takahisa Shindo
Used the Kaixa belt in episode 12 to fight the Crocodile Orphnoch, despite the protest of the others, but the Orphnoch knock the belt off him, forcing him to revert and disintegrate from the belt's side effect.
Haruko Kamijo
She was killed by Crocodile Orphnoch.
Asami Ito
She was killed by Kawachi when he tried to take the Delta belt.
Ken Arai
Temporarily knocked out by Kawachi. He gained power and became obsessed with the Delta belt like many other users after using it. Along with Kyosuke, he kidnapped Mari to lure out Sawada to get the belt. He was killed by Sawada.
Yuki Kawachi
He suddenly attacked Arai and killed Asami because of the obsession with the Delta belt. But it was proven wrong since he called Kusaka to rescue him from the Frog Orphnoch. Before dying, he said that Sawada had the belt, but it was false.
Shingo Ota
After Mari's second death by Sawada, he constantly tried to persuade Mihara to fight with the members. He was later killed by Sawada.
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