Auto Vajin / SB-555V
The Auto Vajin is Faiz's personal support mecha and it is designated 'SB-555V.' It transforms from a Smart Brain motorcycle, Vehicle Mode or into a robot capable of flight in Battle Mode. The Auto Vajin is primarly programmed to protect Mari Sonada and secondly, do as Faiz commands. If the person wearing the Faiz Gear attacks Mari, the Auto Vajin will attack Faiz. Initially it is fairly incompetent in its duties, accidentally shooting Faiz on a few occasions, but it put itself in danger to protect various characters, and rescuing Faiz was in great danger. The Auto Vajin also carries the Faiz Edge, which serves as the handlebar of the Auto Vajin. The Auto Vajin was destroyed by the Orphnoch King in the final episode of the TV series and by the Elasmotherium Orphnoch in the movie Paradise Lost.

The Vehicle Mode is the primary form, it can drive by itself in this form and reverts to this form when it is significantly damaged. Faiz can force the Auto Vajin to return to this form if he presses the Faiz symbol on its chest when it is in Battle Mode. The Battle Mode possesses the Buster Wheel handgun and can fly like a helicopter by using the Scramble Rotor on its back.

Faiz Edge / SB-555H
The Faiz Edge, designated "SB-555H", is a one handed weapon whose blade is made of Sol Glass and can be used to engage the Sparkle Cut, where Faiz shoots an anti-gravity pulse along the ground to perform stronger cuts caused by the energy. While in Axel Form, the Exceed Charge attack is increased into the Axel Sparkle Cut, allowing Faiz to slash multiple enemies while running through them.

Side Basshar / SB-913V
The SB-913V Side Basshar is Kaixa's support mecha, and can transform into either a sidecar-type motorcycle in Vehicle Mode or a bipedal battle Mech in Battle Mode. Neither form offers any significant protection to the driver. Side Basshar is programmed to help and protect the user of the Kaixa Gear. The Side Basshar is the only Rider support vehicle that survived through both the end of the series and the movie, although its user did not. What happen to it in both the series and movie is unknown. It rarely leaves this Vehicle Mode, it can travel through rough terrain safely and its light can shine up to fifty meters ahead and make the road as clear like a sunny day. The side car can be detached from the motorcycle and move on its own. In Battle Mode, the sidecar becomes the unit's legs, while the vehicle's wheels transform into arm-like appendages. The fork becomes the right arm, and the double pincered Heat Point is capable of generating temperatures up to 2000C during grappling attacks. The Swingarm becomes the left arm with the exhaust pipes becoming the X-zap Buster that can fire six mini-missiles, that in turn split into a further eight out of 48 micro-missiles with a range of 2400 meters. Though surprisingly fast and mobile for a machine of its size and shape, the Side Basshar lacks maneuverability in Battle Mode. It has difficulty tracking more agile targets, and can only attack targets that are in front of it, this weaknesses that was exploited by Takumi Inui.

Jet Sliger / SB-VX0
The SB-VX0 Jet Sliger is Delta's support mecha, although Faiz uses another Jet Sliger, and several Jet Sligers are seen in the alternate universe of the movie Kamen Rider 555: Paradise Lost. It has 5 powerful jet engines that can drive it forward at speeds approaching 1300 km/h and 3 large maneuvering thrusters on each side to allow speedy turns or fast sideways movement. Its wheels can rotate 90 left or right on their axis, allowing the Jet Sliger to drive sideways or spin 360 on the spot. It is also able to fly, hover and travel underwater, but it loses much of its maneuverability when doing so. The Jet Sliger can also be operated by remote and mounts an impressive array of weapons. It has a high powered Photon Cannon mounted above the front wheel, and a concealed missile rack on either side of the cannon. Each missile rack fires mini-missiles, that in turn split into a further 8 out of 64 micro-missiles with a range of 2400 meters. Faiz's Jet Sliger was destroyed in a battle with Delta while Kitazaki was wearing it. The controls were hit, forcing the Jet Sliger to lose control, and crash into a cargo container breaking the front axle. The rest of the machine was destroyed by Delta's Jet Sliger's missiles. Delta's Jet Sliger is destroyed by Kaixa and his Side Basshar.
Gyro Attacker / SB-RT-V

Flying Attacker / SB-315F
A high-tech backpack worn by Psyga. It provides Psyga with flight capabilities, including the ability to hover, with a maximum speed of 820 km/h. It allows Psyga to perform the Cobalt Smash, Sky Impact, Psyga's Rider Punch and an equivalent to the Faiz and Kaixa Shot. It can also convert to Blaster Rifle Mode, where the main engines fold down and out to become high powered laser cannons, though the Flying Attacker's flight speed is greatly reduced in this mode. It works in either "Burst Mode", where it can fire 120 rounds per second, or in "Single Mode" where it discharges one single high-powered shot from both engines. The Flying Attacker is an optional component to Psyga and therefore is not necessary to the transformation.
Series:  Kamen Rider 555