Designation: Riotrooper
Weapons: Axelray Gun, Gyro Attacker
Gear: Smart Buckle
They are employed by Smart Brain and are a personal army that fought against Kamen Rider Faiz and his allies. Their data is derived from Kamen Rider Faiz with some modifications for mass production purposes, which results in the suits resemblance to a simplified Faiz. Naoya Kaido was an overly eccentric Snake Orphnoch, 'sired' by Toda/Squid Orphnoch. Kaido decides to abuse his power for personal gain when he encountered Faiz, with Kiba coming to his aid. He briefly wore one of the six Riotrooper gears under Kiba's term in Smart Brain, the two switched roles, with Kaido throwing away his Riotrooper belt at Kiba in disgust for his friend's new attitude. In the "Paradise Lost" movie, the Smart Buckles are mass produced. These wearers were more like a traditional military unit, their purpose was to exterminate any human resistance that oppose the Orphnoch race. Led by Kamen Rider Psyga, they attacked the human sanctuary until Yuji, Yuka and Naoya intervened. They were then sent to hunt Mari and Takumi. When they are knocked out of the Riot Trooper form, they transform back to their Orphnoch form. Though he survived in the TV series, Kaido was eaten alive by the Elasmotherium Orphnoch in the movie shortly after he bares his heart to the dying Yuka. Both sets of troopers, in the series and in the movie, were destroyed by Faiz Axel Form. In the TV Series, they were destroyed by the Faiz Axel's Accel Sparkle Cut; and in the movie, they were destroyed by Faiz Axel's Accel Crimson Smash.
Series:  Kamen Rider 555