Name: Shuji Mihara
Designation: Kamen Rider Delta
Gear: Delta Gear, Delta Driver, Delta Phone
Mecha: Jet Sliger
A relatively cowardly member of Ryusei School who would rather forget about Orphnochs and go back to living a normal life. He would become the default wearer of the Delta Gear despite his own cowardice. After Rina was hit by a truck retrieving the Delta case he had thrown into the street, he resolved to stop running and fight alongside the others. The Delta Gear was the first set of Kamen Rider Gear developed by the Smart Brain Corporation to protect the Orphnoch King. It never moved past the prototype stage. The Suit has more power and speed than the Faiz and Kaixa Gears, but significantly less functional - lacking any sort of close range and long range weaponry and lacking a support vehicle. The Delta Gear was coveted and transferred around by several members of the Ryusei School, until it was taken by Kitazaki (Dragon Orphnoch) of Lucky Clover, until he became bored with it. It was once again tossed around from person to person until Shuji Mihara was appointed its primary user.

Some side effects include the user becoming mentally unstable and developing an addiction to using the Gear, as well as developing minor Orphnoch-like powers. Those with a strong enough will can use the Delta Gear properly (for example, Saya Kimura of Ryuseiji). By the end of the series, the Delta Gear was still intact; it is assumed Mihara is still carrying it.

Series:  Kamen Rider 555