Name: Teruo Suzuki
Designation: Orphnoch King/Arch Orphnoch
The Orphnoch King is the main reason the Smart Brain Corporation created the Rider Gears. He possesses the power to 'complete' the evolution of the Orphnochs, removing all traces of humanity in the process while granting them long life. Unlike the others, the Orphnoch King can disintegrate them instantly. Teruo Suzuki is an anti-social young boy who was orphaned when his parents died in a fire caused by the Barnacle Orphnoch. Teruo was placed in the Sousai Children's Home orphanage run by Smart Brain until Kaido/Snake Orphnoch took him to his home and later stayed and lived in Keitaro's laundry mat. By episode 45, Teruo began to act strangely and was eventually revealed to be the Orphnoch King in Episode 47. Whenever Teruo blacks out, the Orphnoch persona emerges from his shadow to consume the lifeforce of Orphnoch, in order to fully mature. After being taken by Kiba in episode 50, Teruo eventually transformed completely into the Arch (Grasshopper) Orphnoch. When fully awaken, the Arch Orphnoch fully evolved Saeko/Lobster Orphnoch after beating Faiz. It took Yuji's sacrifice and Faiz Blaster Form's Blaster Crimson Smash to defeat the Arch Orphnoch. But Arch Orphnoch barely survived and was mortally wounded, placed in the stasis tank in Smart Brain by Saeko. Being based on a grasshopper, the Arch Orphnoch physically resembles the first Kamen Rider.
Series:  Kamen Rider 555