Renegades are Orphnoch that aren't associated with Smart Brain, and each follow their own agenda. Most Renegades wish to continue with their average human lives, thus they are branded as traitors that merit death. Some use their new found powers to kill people who have wronged them in either in their real life or in an imaginary manner, while others battle to safeguard humanity.
Goat Orphnoch

Former chief of Smart Brain and the foster father of the Ryuusei School students, Hanagata was intent to locate the Orphnoch King. He is also responsible for creating the three Rider belts and the six Riotrooper belts. The origin of his Orphnoch nature remains untold in the TV series, however it assumed that he is perhaps a 'natural' Orphnoch due to his great speed and strength, that even surpass the Dragon Orphnoch. He disappeared under Smart Brain Headquarters upon learning the fatal nature of humans' rapid evolution into Orphnoch, stealing the Rider Gears and entrusting them to his surviving students. Before he died from his rapid evolution, Hanagata returned to Smart Brain to strip Murakami of his duties and appointed Kiba as the permanent head of the company to fulfill his final request: to terminate the Orphnoch King.
Takumi Inui
Wolf Orphnoch

A long time 'natural' Orphnoch who has hidden his Orphnoch nature since an automobile accident during his childhood. He revealed his true form in Episode 34 and in the alternate "Paradise Lost" ending, he survived in both endings. His Movie version had more wolf-like animalistic legs.
Shigehisa Aoki
Dolphin Orphnoch

He is the boss of Takumi and Yuji at a pizza parlor. He was was forced by Smart Brain to kill humans in Episodes 20 and 21, the only episodes he appeared in. He was defeated by Faiz but his life was spared, told to remain living as a human.
Crab Orphnoch
He was used by human scientists in Episode 41 until he heard scream of Yuka (Crane) and broke out of confinement to free her. He had no interest in fighting the humans who held him prisoner. He simply ran away after giving Yuka to Kiba. Despite Faiz's interference to save him from Kaixa and Delta, the Crab suffered breakdown and died in Episode 42. No alternate name was given.
Series:  Kamen Rider 555