Smart Brain
A corporation that is a facade for the largest coordinated group of Orphnoch that view themselves as the master race and are devoted to the genocide of the human race and increase of the Orphnoch population. They experiment in making their race even more powerful and developing weapons that only Orphnoch can use. In the movie Paradise Lost, which is an alternate reality, they seem to have formed a global de facto government after the Orphnoch revolution.
Smart Lady
Smart Brain's 'mascot,' she works closely under the company's chief and helps developing Orphnoch. She never exhibits any Orphnoch powers in the series, and her species is left ambiguous despite her association with blue butterflies. She acts friendly and frisky towards the many workers at Smart Brain, although she doesn't demonstrate realization that no one enjoys her company. She survived in both the TV series and the film, although she is left unemployed in the series finale after Smart Brain crumbled in the aftermath of Kiba's death.
Eiichi Toda
Squid Orphnoch

The temporary head of Smart Brain, Toda uses a staff that he uses to sire humans into Orphnochs and can move in a blink of an eye. Originally tracking down the Faiz Gear until it came to Tokyo, Toda was reassigned by Smart Lady to educate Yuji and Yuka in the nature of Orphnoch. After the two refused to Sire, Toda goes on a siring rampage starting with Kaido until he spots Takumi and Mari. After chasing Takumi and Mari down, Toda is fatally injured by Faiz's Crimson Smash, dying after telling Kiba and Yuka their final lesson
Kyoji Murakami
Rose Orphnoch

The temporary president of Smart Brain after Eiichi Toda's death. Murakami was the one who assigned Lucky Clover to do his dirty work until Hanagata took back the company and gave control to Yuji Kiba (Horse Orphnoch). Despite losing his place in Smart Brain, Murakami had a trump card in the Orphnoch King, whom he had waited for and learn of his human host. To that end, Murakami attempted to abduct Teruo, fighting the Riders on his own and barely escaped their attacks. In his weakened state, Murakami offered his life to Teruo to awaken the Arch Orphnoch so he can correct the Orphnochs' genetic instability. In the alternate reality of the film, Murakami was somehow decapitated and his head was kept alive in a tank. Under orders for his failure, the tank was smashed by Smart Lady. He never had the chance to turn into a 'Rose Head' Orphnoch.
Series:  Kamen Rider 555