Name: Yuji Kiba
Designation: Horse Orphnoch
Yuji Kiba is a young man, who is also known by his other form, Horse Orphnoch,. He wields a sword and is capable of acquiring his Dash Form, which is like a centaur. Originally human, Kiba was in a car accident which killed his parents and ended up in a coma. Two years later, he died and became a became a 'natural' Orphnoch. Once revived, Kiba was astonished by the horrific changes such as his parents' death to discovering that his uncle has abandon him and sold his family's company. It got even worse when Kiba found out his girlfriend Chie left him for another man, Kazuki. He lost control when he confronted the new boyfriend Kazuki and use his Orphnoch form to kill him before realizing what he had done. As a result, he futilely attempted suicide, finding himself in a Smart Brain owned mansion and meeting Smart Lady, explaining his current status. When he is called by Chie later, he is heartbroken when she names him the culprit in Kazuki's murder. He murders her out fo scorn and outruns the police.
After finding Yuka, Kiba meets with Eiichi Toda, acting CEO of Smart Brain, who reveals more information of Orphnoch and Smart Brain's goal. After hearing the genocidal intent, Kiba quickly comes to deplore the organization's tactics and resolved to become an Orphnoch who will protect humans and fight Smart Brain. However, Kiba becomes a rival of Faiz, fighting him every time they encountered one another until they learned each others' true identity and intent. After he believed Yuka to have been killed by the police, he turns against his ideals and eventually replaces Murakami as the chairman of Smart Brain. After acquiring the Kaixa Gear, Kiba eventually fought Takumi, who revived his faith in humanity. In the end, Kiba was mortally wounded by the Arch Orphnoch, grabbing the monster to allow Faiz to murder them both, though only the Arch Orphnoch survived.
In Paradise Lost movie, Horse Orphnoch's physical look was different with helmet and the horse snout is pushed upward, his singular horn's enlarged and moved toward the top of its head while his white mane is larger. During the last episode of the TV series, Horse Orphnoch evolved into the film version during his final battle with Faiz Blaster Form, but reverted back to his regular version prior to his demise. In the Paradise Lost ending, Kiba was deceived into using the Orga Gear to fight Faiz, but aided him and died from injuries sustained by the Elasmotherium Orphnoch.
Series:  Kamen Rider 555