Name: Yuka Osada
Designation: Crane Orphnoch
Yuka Osada is a teenage girl whose one desire is to be in a place where fighting doesn't exist. Originally a normal human, Yuka was bullied terribly by her younger half-sister Michiko and other girls in her school's female basketball team. Yuka's parents liked Michiko more, so the only thing that made her happy was her sending messages to Keitaro. However, the extreme emotional stress Yuka suffered from caused her to fall down stairs that were covered with snow, killing her and resurrecting her as Crane Orphnoch. Though she attempted to use her power to help, it backfired when Michiko use her as a scapegoat for her injury and having Yuka kicked out of the family as a result. But when the mistreatment got worse after the school basketball team teased her for the last time, Yuka finally snapped and slaughtered the entire girls basketball team, including her sister. Horrified by her actions, she runs out of the school, disgraced, and soon meets Kiba, who joins her in learning of their new-found existence.

Though she agrees with Kiba's ideals of protecting humans, Yuka occasionally kills humans who seem bad such as bullies on reflex without others knowing. This habit would eventually gain interest by Lucky Clover because despite being a renegade, she kills humans. It's implied that Yuji and Naoya were unaware of her actions. She swapped e-mails with Keitarou to a lesser extent after becoming an Orphnoch, as she later developed a strong crush on Kaido, though he did not reciprocate. Eventually she and Keitarou came to realize who the other was, and they had a brief relationship before she was weakened by police's shots and killed by Saeko in Episode 44 when Osada was unable to assume Orphnoch form.

In the Paradise Lost ending, Yuka was impaled by the Elasmotherium Orphnoch. The design for Crane Orphnoch in Paradise Lost is different, her face is different, her winged collars are extended, protruding upward in a flying pose and crane-like legs.

Series:  Kamen Rider 555