Name: Natsumi Miwa
Designation: Kamen Rider Larc
Weapons: Larc Rouser
Gear: Larc Buckle
Natsumi Miwa originally applied as an office worker, but was berated by the boss and she proceeded to knock him out. She was handpicked, along with Shin Magaki, by Shimura Junichi/Kamen Rider Glaive to become the New Generation Riders for BOARD to capture the Undead released by the Albino Joker. She is armed with the Larc Rouzer, a crossbow. Her primary finisher is Ray Bullet, a supercharged energy arrow. She was killed by the Albino Joker shortly after all the Category King Undeads had been resealed. Larc is sometimes spelled L'arc or Lark, the French words 'l'arc' means 'the bow.'
Series:  Kamen Rider Blade