Categories 2-10
These Undead are of Catergories 2 to 10, most unable to speak like humans. Only 22 of the 36 Undead made physical appearances in the series.
Bat Undead
The first Undead Garren and Blade encounter in the series, the third that they hunted down. Able to control bats, the Bat Undead overwhelmed Garren in a cave before Blade arrives to support him. Once he is blinded by sunlight, the Kamen Riders chased the Bat Undead across the cave to the darkest regions until his wings were clipped by the Garren Rouzer before being sealed by Garren.
Episode 1
Locust Undead
This Undead is able to jump great heights and break his body into a swarm of locusts, using that ability to survive Garren's attempt on his life before personally destroying BOARD's headquarters, killing the majority of members there by the time Kenzaki arrives to fight him. It was only after believes that Garren betrayed BOARD that Blade loses it and seals the Undead. However, the Locust Undead was later unsealed by Leangle before being resealed by Blade in the movie.
Episodes 1-2, 17-19, Missing Ace
Plant Undead
The first Undead Kenzaki encounters after BOARD was disbanded, first appearing at an observatory to strangle people. But due to the fact that Amane was there, Chalice arrives after the monster eludes Blade and goes after the girl. After Chalice leaves with Amane, the Plant Undead telepathically calls Chalice out before ambushing Blade while awaiting for his opponent's arrival. Once Chalice arrives, the Plant Undead is sealed by him.
Episodes: 2, 36
Deer Undead
The Deer Undead first arrives to call Chalice out, using his lightning powers on human victims until Garren arrives to fight him before the Undead leaps away with Garren in pursuit. However, Blade intercepts the Undead as Garren vainly tries to handle the Undead on his own. But once the Deer Undead wounds Garren, Blade seals the Undead. Later, Leangle briefly released the Undead until Blade sealed him again with his Lizard Slash.
Episodes 3, 17-19, Missing Ace
Moth Undead
He first makes his move with flammable powder to melt all the photos in Hajime's room as his way of calling Chalice out. He then uses his powder to kill people before Chalice arrives. He manages to overwhelm Chalice until Blade arrives, with Chalice using the other rider as a distraction to target the Moth at his weakspot before sealing him. Though unsealed by Leangle later, the Moth Undead is resealed by the Black Joker.
Episodes: 3-4, 36, Missing Ace
Centipede Undead
A chain wielding Undead that appeared in the Echoing Cave, attacking those who enter and infecting them with his fever-induced poison. Among his victims was Amane, who had to be quickly taken to the hospital. Learning of this, Hajime ran to get the antidote with Kenzaki following as Garren attempts to seal the Undead. While Blade is forced to hold Garren off, Chalice seals the Undead after he manages to slash off the centipede sticking on the Undead's right shoulder, the antidote to the Undead's poison. The Centipede Undead was unsealed by Leangle three times.
Episodes 5-6, 17, 20
Trilobite Undead
A Undead imprisoned in Isaka's lab who is forced to serve Isaka by attacking the abducted Kenzaki to test the Fusion Ration as part of Isaka's plan to develop the Leangle System, getting the information on Blade, Chalice, and Garren as the Trilobite Undead is sealed. The Trilobite Undead returns in Missing Ace, sealed by Glaive and Larc.
Episodes 7-8, Missing Ace
Zebra Undead
Able to create clones of himself, the Zebra Undead attacked people at a shopping center until Garren and Blade forced him to retreat. The Undead is later telekinetically forced by Isaka to serve him. Used to test the improved Garren, who sealed him after figuring out the Undead's fighting methods. Used by Blade in the Hyper Battle Video to split himself into Jack Form and King Form.
Episodes 8-10
Jaguar Undead
A high-speed Undead who mauls his victims to death, Chalice first fought the monster, only for him to escaped before being sealed. The Jaguar Undead later encounters the Spider Undead, whose very presence scares him into finding Sayoko and wounding her. Kenzaki arrives in time to save her before transforming into Blade to fight the Undead. Once able to counter the Jaguar Undead's high-speed, Blade manages to seal him. Later, the Jaguar Undead was briefly unsealed by Leangle before Garren and Blade reseal him together.
Episodes 11, 17-19
Shell Undead
The Shell Undead emerges from the sea near Hogoka, going after Hajime when he befriended Jin Ichinose. Though he ran from Chalice in the first fight, the Shell Undead causes a fire on Jin's boat before being sealed.
Episodes 11-12, 36
Lion Undead
An Undead working for Isaka, the Lion Undead kidnaps the ideal candidates for the Leangle project. While kidnapping Mutsuki, the Lion Undead confronts Blade and is forced to retreat. When the Lion Undead resumes his attack, he is sealed away by Blade.
Episodes 13
Dragonfly Undead
The Dragonfly Undead was an Undead who can summon dragonflies and fly. When he calls Hajime out, the Dragonfly Undead gives him a good reason by revealing that he abducted Amane and Haruka. But the Undead is forced to retreat when Chalice overpowers him. The next time he attacks, the Dragonfly Undead is sealed by Chalice, who uses the card's aerial abilities in his attacks as well as serve as an alternate form when Takahara steals Hajime's Category Ace card for a while, letting Kenzaki borrowing it to use its flying ability to take the Change Mantis back from Takahara. The Dragonfly Undead was among the Undead Leangle released before being resealed by the Joker.
Episodes: 14-16, 36
Boar Undead
The Boar Undead was among the Undead released by Leangle to run amok until Blade sealed him.
Episodes 17-19, Missing Ace
Mole Undead
The Mole Undead attacked a subway, eventually attacking a mall which was reduced to rubble in the wake of his destruction. He eventually encounters Leangle, in his first fight without the Spider Undead's influence over his mind, and defeated after Blade engaged him.
Episodes 22-23
Buffalo Undead
A Undead who attacked people with his magnetic powers before Blade seals him in Jack Form.
Episodes 27
Pecker Undead
A Undead who Garren battled and resealed by Garren's Burning Divide.
Episodes 28
Tortoise Undead
A Undead who aided the Serpent Undead as her bodyguard, attacking Blade and Garren to keep them from meddling in her affairs before Hajime arrives with her seal card to give Garren his Jack Form.
Episodes 29-30
Scarab Undead
King's subordinate, able to effect time itself. In order to fight this foe, Blade uses the piece of cloth that the Scarab Undead had in his hand to keep himself unfrozen in time and seal the Undead.
Episodes 31-32
Human Undead
The winner of the previous Battle Round and ancestor of the entire human race. Though released, he was willingly sealed by the Black Joker in the form of Chalice, serving as the Spirit Human card that provides both Hajime's human form and part of his persona. The Human Undead can also communicate with humans via telepathy.
Episodes 32, 46
Jellyfish Undead
A Undead who can turn into water, he attacked people and electrocute them before Leangle uses Chalice's deck to execute his own Spinning Dance to seal him.
Episodes 35
Lizard Undead
The Lizard Undead appeared in the Tiger Undead's memory of the Battle Fight, where he was sealed by her. Other than being used as Blade's Slash Lizard, the Lizard Undead never appeared directly in the series.
Episodes 41, Missing Ace
Squid Undead
Able to use the tentacles on his back to support his body and move rapidly over any terrain, the Squid Undead appeared in the Tiger Undead's memory of the Battle Fight. He was only used as Leangle's Smog Squid.
Episodes 41, Missing Ace
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